#25 Jake Stringer


If folk don’t think the Coaches aren’t, … or rather weren’t, aware of our midfield slightly lacking in size & skill last year, … can I get some of whatever they’re smoking?

You can see what they’ve added, and what the options are on the list now to remedy that deficit, … and we’ll see soon who they think are the best candidates to do so. As Ivo pointed out,… we have plenty of options with size and strength now, … it all depends on who steps up proper.


Stringer looks bigger but it looks like muscle to me. Very hard to stop with that pace and size iv’e actually changed my mind and think he’ll be pretty good in there.


Stringer, Langford, rampaging Laverde, Myers, Heppell. We’ve got good big options.


You reckon he helps the midfield become more accountable?
He’s got a poor tank and he got dropped in ‘16 and ‘17 largely for defensive effort as a forward… it’s interesting how much he’s improved over half a pre season.


WCE’s flag midfield wasn’t much different,
one monster in Judd 189/88
Cousins 179/78
Kerr 178/80
Fletcher 179/80
Stenglein also big at 189/88
Braun tagged at 175/74

Much rather a good small player than an ordinary big one.

To my eye our defensive intensity was where we fell down. Good at times, falling away in patches. Didn’t help we had Jobe/Myers/Hepp in there most of the year, who don’t have much agility at the best of times, and all had struggles for touch after missing 2016.


Don’t think that quality of delivery has much to do with Franklin’s success, he doesn’t get the normal FF percentage of goals from marks on leads.


Not as worried about size, although I think a few teams with bigger mids- like Freo, Sydney and even FC - may be able to exploit it around the ground somewhat.

I am worried about our lack of aggression. By way of example, MFC’s Viney is a midget, but he is an angry midget. Last year we didn’t have anyone in there that would make you think twice. Smith adds a bit, and Parish will add a bit if he’s in there more often, but nobody is looking over their shoulder to see whether Heppell, Zach, Zaharakis, Langford, McGrath or Myers is coming.


The midfield becomes more accountable with the mix.
More McGrath and less Goddard. Devon Smith would have been our 6th highest tackler last year even though he played 16 games. We will be better across the group.

Springer’s tank is a concern. That’s why I don’t see him being a full time mid and he’ll be used strategically because he gives us something that we lack. He’ll force the opposition to play close on him as they do when he’s a forward. He doesn’t need much space to get the ball, break a tackle and give our forwards and opportunity. His strength and ability to take the tackler on is what our midfield mix is lacking.


Jobe was the number one witches hat, by miles. Goddard is such an easy target on here.


I have a feeling that our team will spread with speed better than any side in the AFL.

Parish and McGrath are the 2 who have the biggest capacity to bring up the midfield for me.

They are good in traffic and their hands are superb and they both are defensive and hate to lose. I think they can cut through the packs and get it to the myriad of options on the outside.

I see Stringer as more of an impact type that could break the shackles of an evenly contested quarter or game and get the crowd momentum up and about.

The excitment our side will be able to bring and the ability to burst games open and score heavily ala Hawthorn when they were good (they are garbage now, give them no respect) is how we will hopefully make the top 4.

The Sydney defensive death by thousand cuts is not our style. It never has been an Essendon style of winning flags. We.have always had flair and excitement.


As a group…
Are we going to be more accountable with the mix we have?


Myers actually tackles with intent and to hurt.
It’s just that, like a heavyweight after a flyweight, he’s got problems catching them.
And if they’re not worried about McGrath I reckon they’re in for a big surprise.
Walla style chase downs aplenty.


Yes, he was.
And yes, he is.




Hail the new Jobe ? Anticipation of Stringer as a mid provides the focus for an article on the AFL site.

New Jobe? Dons recruit ‘dominating’ stoppages
Feb 5, 2018 9:55AM

Almost every stoppage Jake will come out with the ball and we haven’t really had anyone dominating training like that

Jake Stringer in action for Essendon at training

ESSENDON recruit Jake Stringer is “dominating” stoppage work at his new club and looks set to spend more time in the midfield this season.

Stringer kicked 160 goals from 89 games over five seasons with the Western Bulldogs playing as a permanent forward, but at times showed glimpses of his ability as an onballer.

The 23-year-old was traded to the Bombers last year after the Dogs lost patience with the brilliant yet inconsistent goalkicker but Zaharakis says Stringer is already exciting his new teammates.

His arrival at the Bombers comes at an ideal time after the retirement of veteran Jobe Watson.

Possessing a perfect combination of size and raw power, Stringer has always looked to have the potential to be an outstanding midfielder.

Zaharakis told RSN radio that the 2015 All Australian is ready to have an big impact up the ground in 2018 after working on his fitness over the pre-season.

“There’s very few players in the AFL who can explode from a pack by breaking a tackle or fending off like Dusty Martin or Patrick Dangerfield, and Jake has got that quality,” he said.

"He’s a real match-changer and it’s great to have the type of player who can potentially replace Job Watson, who has been such a stoppage bull in there for us.

"He’s been winning stoppages on a consistent basis at training and almost every stoppage Jake will come out with the ball and we haven’t really had anyone dominating training like that.

“It’s great to watch and he’s excited to get off the leash in the midfield. It’s really impressive.”

Zaharakis said the fact that Stringer cut short his off-season trip to return to Melbourne to prepare for his new start at Essendon made a “great impression” on his the club.

Stringer is still expected to spend time inside 50 for the Bombers but could split his time equally between that and running through the midfield, with fellow recruit and former Greater Western Sydney forward Devon Smith expected to fill a similar role.

Jake Stringer brushes aside David Zaharakis at training. Picture: AFL Photos




I wonder whether we’ve sent any of the bigger bodies to him at stopagges or whether we are building his confidence?


Trimmed down his body fat and put on muscle. Works wonders.


For those wondering, whatever forced him off the track last week must be minor because he is training today and looking fine.


Aaaand,. Drink!