#25 Jake Stringer


Finding it hard to cool my jets when coaches say things like that.


Well done Jake. WTF is everyone else at the stoppage doing?


If his pre-season efforts translate into our matches, the team is going to be seriously potent. And the fans are going to be wetting their pants in absolute delight.


This is a masterstroke by EFC.

Stringer into the midfield is just a ruse. He is just a decoy. Given all the press about him going into the midfield and being a beast at stoppages, opposition coaches are going to tag him with 3 men, leaving 2 of our mids free to run unopposed.



I’m excited. I really am.

But we have been beat up around the ball by opposition inside mids for many a year.

Case in point-ELIMINATION FINAL 2017.

Jake is just proving that again.

Let’s hope he can win the ball just as well when competing with the OPPOSITIONS inside mids too.




Haven’t posted in a while but its just hit me that we got jake stringer. I’m so excited. Imagine him bursting through packs and kicking a big goal infront of a huge crowd at the G. ■■■■■■ exciting.

I think this is the most exciting essendon team i will witness in my lifetime (i’m 24 and too young to really remember 2000/2001)


Did you hear he;s going to spend more time in the midfield too though???



Ha, I reckon Zaka won’t like his comments resulting in that choice of photo!


Really interested in what the intraclub practice matches will show. It will start to give us an indication of where players are at. If Stringer can be both offensive and defensive , we will have a winner.


Same thing as usual?


There’s “getting stomped on” and then there’s the very serious case of “copping a knock”.


For Zaka to say he hasn’t seen some one dominating the middle during training since he’s been at the club is pretty damming hoepfully our midfield woes are finnaly over.


Hurls is no light weight. String to ragdoll plenty of the opposition for us this year. Bury them!


For a brief moment I thought he was going to suplex him.

corgi on hand for the cheapie.


When has a player or coach or staff member said anything negative during a preseason?*
Every year it’s the best ever. Everyone is doing the best ever. as in ever.

Unfortunately it becomes hard to decipher the truth from the hyperbole, … until the season starts.

*ok, except preseason 2013. That one doesn’t count.


I actually wish they’d stop with pumping the String up.

It’s starting to worry me. Shhhhh!


Nah, boosting his confidence is a good thing. Like how after the tackle he blocked for the shot on goal.


If they start telling us that Dean Rioli and Mercuri are having their best preseason yet, I’ll get worried, or that Matthew Allan won the time trial.


After all he’s been through and coming to get a new start with a clean slate, I’d prefer they didn’t heap pressure on his still very young shoulders like he’s EFC’s Great White Hope or something, before he’s even taken the field for us.

I’d be happier if they just backed off & let him go about his business quietly now for a little while, lest he start drinking all this fapping bathwater …