#25 Jake Stringer


Sauce or Cream


My lid off take: We’ve addressed one of our biggest weaknesses next year. We get our midfield sorted and we’ll see a huge impact in 2018 from Jake!

My lid on take: A part time (at best) midfielder is dominating stoppages at training. No one can get near him. What chance do we have against the elite midfields this year?




Stringer will be one of the more exciting players in the comp this year and will only improve from there on.

I don’t think it’s a slight on the other midfielders that a bloke of his talent is killing it at training.


100% Rested 0% Schoolgirls


That’s because we will be playing the Saints and we don’t want any of their players to try and tempt him.


Just watched the Devon Smith interview. Did he say Stringer’s related to Jobe or did i mishear?


I think what he meant was Stringer has been compared to Jobe etc


That would make more sense.






Not really, AFLX will be more suited to endurance beasts than explosive players. Even moreso than AFL.


Still cant believe we got him for a second rounder.




Gets a key point wrong though! ‘99 goes unmentioned and was the most exciting year by far for that team. 2000 was redemption for how it ended. 2001 an exercise in keeping doubts at bay.


And many people in this forum said it can’t be done.


Is it a worry that he’s sitting out AFLX to improve fitness?

He’s been good at training, but still looks as though he could lose a few kgs (not that I should talk about that).

I want him to succeed, I really do, but I worry if he’s in February and there’s still questions about fitness.

Maybe just a case of ‘Rome weren’t built in a day’.


Is resting to heal injury niggles improving fitness?


Pretty sure only 14 players will be in the AFLX squad. I’m not overly worried as there’s 30 other players who aren’t in the squad either.


But the reason is to ‘improve fitness’, not just ‘we’re not playing him’.