#25 Jake Stringer


I did raise an eyebrow when I first heard that. It did seem like a weird excuse for not playing.


Guessing the sports scientist staff would have their reasons for managing his training loads. Presumably his time is better spent on fitness drills, as opposed to playing AFLX, as a way to make him fitter.




That’s what the author assumes. I don’t recall that being a quote from the club. I thought it was based on the quote regarding we want him to be 70/30 mid/fwd but currently more likely to be 50/50.


It was well documented & completely expected he was going to need to work on his endurance, I’m not fussed if they preferring to keep building the k’s into his legs. Aiming to get him up to being able to handle the long distance running expected of mids who play big midfield minutes.

AFLX is basically a rotation of sprinting players, a very open running kick & mark type game.

There will be ■■■■ loads of star players from various sides not playing, inside mids in particular


No, the journo said it is ‘understood’ that he is not playing in the AFLX to improve his fitness. It is not a direct thing that EFC have said.

Also it doesn’t even make sense. How is not playing on one night going to change his fitness regime?
He’s probably going to sitting at home on the couch that night watching as opposed to running 10K.

I reckon when asked if Stringer was playing in AFLX a club official responded with “Nah not for Jakey, we’d rather he just concentrate on normal pre-season and continuing to increase his fitness”


It’s probably not only about missing the games themselves, it might be that he doesnt have to participate in aflx match practise and strategy meetings and what not, so he can just concentrate on normal preseason training.


or maybe he’s afraid of circus acts and flames and loud music


Yeah, a soccer sized ground with two 10 minute halves and unlimited rotations in that time just screams “play Stanton”!



Maybe we don’t want to put a lot of crucial best 22 players into a Mickey Mouse cup that’s sole purpose is to give Gillon a nice Christmas Bonus come the end of the year?


It could be that we’re reading it wrong…as in… if playing in the AFLX would improve his fitness, he is not doing it.


I think it is great that he isn’t playing.

Can we roll that out to all of our other players as well. That’d be great.

More seriously ; typically they will want to get two preseason games into each player prior to the season starting. That there is only two preseason games, and AFLX, then it is most likely that the best 26 or so players get the bulk of the positions in the two preseason games… those not making that cut will be running around in AFLX. It’s a glorified trial of a concept.


Hate to suggest this, but maybe they dont want to risk injury to the player who has been lionised as our beastliest inside midfield beast for 2018. After all AFLX is really just a training drill at this point.


It’s a distraction is what it is.


I don’t know about play Stanton, but it does scream PlayStation


Lucky he’s not at St Kilda then.


This is even a level below “Mickey Mouse”

This is more Pluto.


Aflx sounds like the worst idea ever, I would prefer if none of our players play it quite frankly


So you’re saying he’s not putting in 110%?


I second that. Who cares about a game designed to be played overseas…
Premiership points is all i’m about !