#25 Jake Stringer


For all we know, some teams will go out mostly practicing aspects of trying to negate the opposition and not focus on winning at all.

I have no facts to back this up.


Yep, and Pluto is not even a full on planet anymore, Even astronomers don’t give a rats tossbag about it.


I’ve spoken to a few within the club who have confirmed.


That’s surprising. What’s wrong with 20-30 mins of a little run around? Honestly, he could go through a training session that day and play that night and still not warrant more than a day recovery.
It’s either for other reasons (giving others a run) or they’re misleading the public on how fit he is.


who really cares what reason they give. It’s a good thing he’s not playing in this stupid competition.

I think way too much is being read into it.


I think if the three S’s played or a handful of our stars played that could influence a spike in membership and other sales. There only small gains I know but I think Stringer playing would certainly excite bomber fans if he was to play.


He’s learning a new game for the real stuff, reckon that’s enough for him to focus on. Plus it’d be all about him, too much early focus from media, screw that.


It will take more than one preseason to build an elite midfielder’s tank. Look for the best of Stringer 2019 and beyond.


Too late for that. It’s been a constant stream of Stringer articles, and they’ll just keep increasing regardless.


True, they’ll write stories about his conspicuous absence. Still.


Being Essendon circa 2005-2017




Who was the person who said he wasn’t a good coach?


Nope. They want to get his fitness base up to 70/30 mid/fwd. He has replaced a fair bit of his weight with lean muscle.


There are only 7 players on that soccer sized ground. No boundary throw ins, fewer ball-ups, less time to take a shot at goal. It will be flat out, all game. Guaranteed they’ll be covering significantly more km per tog.

I did wrongly assume it was longer than 10 minute halves though.




waaaay to much blue


lid off


You just know the camera’s are going to pan to Bevo every time he kicks a goal against them, I just hope the can find Gordon as well.


Here’s hoping we get to see a lot of bevo that day!