#25 Jake Stringer


He’s not the messiah just a naughty boy!


Am currently trying to line myself up at a corporate function for WB game that Gordon will be at. Myself and a mate are desperate for a chance to get right in his face about Stringer and everything else.


Pacman eating a piece of blue pizza.

#Sorry took some acid this morning.


I don’t my see DKP.

Do I need to zoom right in ?


Try dressing up as meat pies.


Statistically DKP is an outlier.


i’ve already said i’m lid off. shows how little some actually do pay attention, and just continually run on their biased assumptions. ( not aimed at you 64)


just keeping the powder nice and dry


Its cool DKP.
Social media can run white hot if you express a view contrary to the mainstream.



Why would you want to do that?


Gordon might munch pies at club functions, but during working hours he is hovering over the carcase of Slater and Gordon picking up its cast off staff and market sectors. Not a dumb bunny.


Realistically DKP is a downhill skier

(Joke DKP)


Well we are in the same draw as The Aints. Could have to dodge a flying dwarf or two.


I saw your earlier post exclaiming Lid Offness and I was the first one to ‘Like’ it, so I was paying attention :grin:


I for one love YOUR biased assumptions.


Looking at the numbers cited by CD, this is the player Essendon hope Stringer will become. And as highlighted in another thread, it will be a 2-3 year project to get him there but in the meantime the ride promises to be an exhilarating one …


They have three teams in a pool at the same time trying to play football? How are you supposed to kick a ball whilst swimming?


It’s like water polo


I liked the way Hardwick isolated Martin 1 x 1 many times when resting forward.

Even though we have a powerhouse in Joe, I’d like us to try the same with Stringer.


We better not come up against Carlton in the pool, because we’re sure to lose that