#25 Jake Stringer


Are you implying Carlton are at home in a shallow (gene) pool?


Hopefully head first




I try not to read too much into intra club performance, but if Stringer can play like he did today during the season it will result in a queue of Bulldogs supporters jumping off the Westgate.

Can it translate to the season and can he sustain the hunger and desire? Here is hoping.


Who would have thought a premiership & All Australian player would be a gun.


Apparently not Bevo


Can’t wait to see him bury the dogs with one from 55m out.


Hardest part is finding speedos to fit your horse.




I assume you mean in the first quarter? Dogs won’t get near us after that :wink:


For a while, as a kid, I thought water polo was when you played Marco Polo in the pool.


I wonder if I was the only one who was surprised at how well Jake played in the intra-club.

I’m so used to us hyping blokes up, and then they don’t actually perform.

This bloke though was in everything and rarely got beaten. Pleasantly surprised.

■■■■ haircut.


But without the seahorses.



Love the strut back to the square afterwards.


Watched a lot of Stringers career and he loves the big stage.

He’s going to be fun to watch.


See how casual he was?

Was like he was on the 10m line.


cheapie goal …


You wont see Joey give those away when the big stuff arrives.



Round 1, Adelaide …
3 Brownlow votes
27 possessions, 19 kicks 8 handballs
6 marks
3 goals
3 tackles
3 don’t argues
4 goal assists
And most importantly, Essendon win