#25 Jake Stringer


8 clearances.


6 beats of the chest


and 0 ■■■■■ given


Fifty out with a big wind behind him, and he has to wake up/convince Stringer to take it, because why the hell would you pass it off?


Jake Stringer, Ahmed Saad and Devon Smith all play for Essendon. Honestly it still defies belief. How the hell did disco do that…

They all bring pace to an already pacey line up. Can’t wait for the real stuff.


Stringer and Smith bring hardness as well as pace.

This trade period will go down in folklore if we win a flag.


After the last decade, my bar is set low. I just want the team to win a final. If we go on to greater things…woohoo! Having said that the club is starting to remind me of the early Sheedy years. Hope that something great is on the horizon after being merely thereabout for so long.


I get the feeling that Joe just goes through the motions in preseason, then goes bang when the real stuff begins.


JoeDan was absolutely just mucking around out there in the intraclub.

Might’ve been in 2nd or 3rd gear at best.


On the other hand Stringer needed to make a statement. And he did.


Powering away from stoppages done far more for me than any goals he kicks.

He’s going to be a star.


He already has been, and is a star.

The question over Jake will always be non-game-day effort. If he is fit he will be just an absolute superstar for us. How long can he maintain the focus… that is the question.


It gets even better! Disco also got us Adam Saad!


Ha ha. Oops


This just in, ivan gets names wrong.


Depends on whether he wants to make an AFL name for himself. New environment helps narrow his focus (can’t stress enough the importance of Essendon’s “new” mission statement). Get the impression he wants to be the next Dusty/Danger. His team mates are doing their best to help drive standards / expectations


The fish incident was funnier


Not that it means a lot but did anyone notice the goal celebration between Stringer and Green (prolonged/warm)? Got a sense these 2 are mates or have established a recent bond (“bond”, not intended as a joke). Could be the making of some on field magical between the boys?


The fact the opposition thinks he might means he gets more room to wheel on to his left.


A player who is a lock for best 22 is “given” a goal by a player who is on fringe of selection and desperately needs to impress.? Green, who loves a goal impresses by doing the team thing.
That goal and assist was win -win situation.