#25 Jake Stringer


Ive noticed alot of them do have a fair few bonds. Celebrations/hanging out outside of footy.

Its going to be an exciting year.


I wonder if I was the only one who was surprised at how well Jake played in the intra-club.

I’m so used to us hyping blokes up, and then they don’t actually perform.

This bloke though was in everything and rarely got beaten. Pleasantly surprised.

■■■■ haircut.



I think the last 2 years have shown that once you win that final, Premiership talk is not out of the question.

The WB lost their Elim Final the year before their Flag, after being out of Finals for a few years.
The Tigers hadn’t won a Final since 2001 !

No reason why we can’t do the same.
Question is, if we do manage Top 4, can we get over GWS/Syd/Adel, or any other challengers ?

It’s gonna be a fun year and don’t we ALL deserve it.


Pretty suss on a man with a man bun and is mates with a Corgi.


I thought Green performed pretty well all game tbh. I haven’t always been his biggest fan (wtf happened to the 40-touch/game inside mid i watched in the u18s?), but he was creative, skillful, and productive. Based purely on that performance he’d be a round 1 lock.


Was he an inside mid?

That makes a lot of sense now.






It’s been a long time since the u18s but he carried the tassie midfield all on his lonesome back then. Not exactly a class above or anything, but a massive accumulator of the ball who wore you down.

I was very surprised when he fell as low as he did in the draft. Which proves that sometimes the professional recruiters get it right!


An excerpt from this article

What you didn’t know about the stars of the AFL’s greatest fairytale


'He lived in the central Victorian town of Maryborough until he was eleven. So did Matthew Dellavedova.

I had heard that Stringer was more highly regarded as a basketball prospect than Dellavedova at that time. When I ask Stringer, he nods. ‘I thought I had him covered as a junior.’

He follows Dellavedova’s NBA career, and adds tiredly, ‘I don’t really watch that much footy.’

Jake Stringer doesn’t watch much footy but he does watch highlight reels of Gary Ablett senior.

He has no illusions about his abilities relative to the original Gazza’s, but there are certain respects in which the two are similar.

Geelong’s maverick star of the 1980s and nineties was famously indifferent to training. Stringer’s lack of enthusiasm for training is well-known to his teammates, although occasionally, according to Fletcher Roberts, ‘he turns it on. When he does, only Dale Morris can go with him.’

If he becomes half as good, it will be very pleasing. :slight_smile:


The ‘Baller’???


If we win a flag? If!?
■■■■■■■ when mate!


I’m with you


He da man this year - for all Saad and Smith bring, the physicality Stringer can offer around the contest will be the key to whether the team can win against the elite. A lot to lump on one bloke, but that’s where the team are deficient. If he can bring it, and Laverde, Begley and Langford can also pick up some tips - lot’s of big ‘ifs’ sure - then lid off. Reckon the lid might be a little looser in 2019 though.


Nothing like the wrath of a man bun scorned.


Callum Twomey says in an article that Stringer has gone through the preseason under the radar…


Is that the radar that picks up foreign objects and debris on the runway, or the radar that picks up bombers about to destroy Richmond.


Saw a red Kia on the way home with stringrr plates. What does that mean?


Treat as a dream, check “Freud” “Fling” and “Fornication” on Wikipedia.