#25 Jake Stringer


The new path to journalism? Forget 4 years at university. Kick a footy around for a bit, get a job, no hex debt.


It will be interesting to see what she writes next week after they sit her down and say “now how about you write something that’s not about Jake this week”


Aren’t they all?


I’m curious as to why fairies seem to always lurk down at the bottom of the garden but seldom anywhere else. They’re up to something down there.


Farken rent a quote Abby


Maybe they’re just hiding from the trolls.


Hiding from trolls? They’re in cahoots!


Freaks sake.


The new path to journalism? Forget 4 years at university. Kick a footy around for a bit, get somebody else to write your article, no hex debt.


In 12 months everyone will forget who she is.

I encourage us all to aim for quicker than 12 months…absolute waste of time and the real farkwit here is slobbo and the HUN.


Takes stones the size of nashi pears to get around with a wig like those.


She’s not hired as a football writer. She’s a relationship opinion columnist. What does Slobbo have to do with it?


Get over the Gilmore articles. It’s part of the package.


Not a midfielder for mine.


Saw it was a herald Sun article and made a presumption that it was a footy related article and slobbo is “chief football writer” which in itself is incredibly hard to rationalise.

Perhaps I’m wrong.


Gash man.


Copped a gash to the head and had to have stiches i cut him some slack


That was a pretty disappointing display. Looked way too slow to react. He didn’t manage one bursting clearance, and that’s what he’s being hyped up to do


I reckon it will take him a while to work it out. New team. New role. Get his head right. If all the dogs needed to do was unleash him in the midfield and they’d get Dusty 2.0 they would have done it last year.


Hoping the improvement is rapid. He looked a step slow early and then disinterested at a couple of stoppages in the third.

Maybe the head knock affected him but I think it was one of those that looked worse than it was.