#25 Jake Stringer


The knock to the head rattled him. Could see Doc checking up on him.

Give him more of a chance before laying into him


Was a pretty deep gash when they showed on the bench happy to write this game off.


Almost like you don’t go from being too unfit to play forward, to playing big midfield rotations in 2 (interrupted) months.

He’s a 2 year project for midfield, IMO.


Came back on, instantly shoved straight in the back over the ball

un ■■■■■■■ believable umpiring, should have necked one of the pathetic maggots.


Taking into account its just preseason but looking at Stringer today you couldn’t help but be disappointed.

Hopefully we see more of the Intraclub match Stringer than JLT Stringer moving forward.


If only he could play against us each week - I’m sure he’d have no trouble monstering us at the clearances.


I laugh at people hanging ■■■■■ on Stringer after 1 practice game.


seldom poster, but those hating on Stringer today really need a reality check

  1. first game for the club vs proper opposition - completely different to playing intraclub

  2. needs time to adapt to game style

  3. needs experience in the midfield - rarely played there

  4. suffered a bad gash early which would shake anyone up

one performance below what everyones perceived expectation is, and they lose their s**t

same people will be hailing him a star if he gets some ball against the cats in the next JLT


After he copped a knock to the head as well. Just hope he didn’t lose confidence after this.


He’ll be fine boys will get around him tonight the man looked shatterd in the rooms.


He struggled, but:

It’s game one, takes a little bit of time to gel under match conditions with new teammates

He got a pretty big head knock early which might of rattled him

Every time he got the ball he tried to take the game on, instead of holding the ball and slowly going sideways

He is still learning the midfield caper

He will be fine. If he is down on a little bit of confidence, start him up forward let him snag a goal or 2 to get his confidence up then swing him straight into the middle


We are counting on a player who has next to no exposed form as a midfielder to transform our side by playing a Dustin Martin or Dangerfield type season. Our midfield is as poor as ever and Stringer will take a few seasons before he can be a regular contributor. It could be the booze and the aftermath of a poor game, but I’m glass half empty on him. The Bulldogs knew what they were giving away.


The Bulldogs certainly knew how far back he was coming from.

Giving up on him after one pre season game just shows a lack of imagination.

I’m doubling down on Stringer.

Stringer: The answer to all of our problems.


He’s cherry, not cake.


It takes almost every footballer a long while to get up to AFL midfield fitness, understand the gameplan and so on.
He’s not one of them.
He’s not a smart man, Jenny, and he’s not as fit as he needs to be. Revisit this early 2019.


Gash to the head was a bit of Karma me thinks.


It’s worth noting that this happened exactly like that in training also.


I thought it was Smith that Karma doesn’t like? :grinning:


I was surprised how little he showed in the forward line - It’s important that he still keeps his forward craft, even if he spends more time in the midfield.


He played 40% game time and was hit on the head early. I’m not burying him yet.