#25 Jake Stringer


Good to see you didn’t over-react.

Guy gets a nasty knock to the head and was concussed after the game…but yeah, he didn’t show enough.


It’s a pitty he might miss the cats game if he was concussed. He needs the game time.

I think it’s going to take 5-7 rounds before he starts to hit his straps. Confidence on the field has been shattered and needs rebuilding. Once he gets going the hype will be real.


11 days to get over a concussion. should be fine. Both he and Merrett will need the minutes.


We are soooo getting fined.

WTF did he go back on in a practice game we didn’t give a toss about if he was concussed?


Rance’s chin must be made of granite.

What a jawline he has !


I’m no medical expert but if he was deemed fit to play and go back on, then I expect him to contribute. Do you think they would have continued to let him play in a pre season game if their was ANY doubt over that cut to the head? If their was and if they did, that’s poor.


sounds like he passed the test to go back on but his condition deteriorated throughout the game. was pretty crook by the 3rd quarter.


Absolutely no doubt he tested OK against his baseline when the concussion test protocols were run past him immediately after the hit. Therefore if he had concussion, it was below the threshold for taking him off.

No doubt he will also be scanned for skull fracture today. After all he was hit by a blunt instrument.


The other thing is that he is new to the club. At times it also needs that familiarity between doctor and player to know if they are ok or if they do not seem themselves.


Greatest Jawline of all time.


No free kick, resulted in their first goal. Just saying


It wasn’t a Free Kick Ivan.




He had the ball, Rance got him in the head while attempting to tackle. Head clash or not it’s high contact and the ball carrier has to be protected. Less is paid all the time.


yeah nah. that is never paid as a free kick.


Don’t remember the footage but it depends if he lead with his head first into the opponent or was bumped front-on when trying to pick the ball up, because the two seem to be viewed very differently


I thought he was upright but still low to the ground. Rrance arrived front on. It was pretty unlucky really but he had the ball and it’s head high contact. I don’t see how not a free. The ump was on the blind side of the contest. Sometimes they miss stuff


Or maybe it was a case of him passing the immediate test but then he deteriorated as the game wore on and they then took him off.


This was Jakes best moment of the game, Made that half meter of space to get the Handball, He will do this more and more during the year.


:joy::joy::joy: sometimes :joy::joy::joy: