#25 Jake Stringer


Concussed after the game. Should he have been playing after a hit to the head when being found to be being concussed after the game?


This concussion stuff is well known to AFL doctors .

  1. Zerret was apparently removed from play because of double vision ( Red Flag)
  2. Presumably Stringer was assessed during the 10 minutes over which he was stitched up but might have deteriorated, so he also was later taken off.

Key points related to both Jake and Zerret.

Any athlete with suspected concussion should be REMOVED FROM PLAY, medically assessed and monitored for deterioration. No athlete diagnosed with concussion should be returned to play on the day of injury.

• Concussion signs and symptoms evolve over time and it is important to consider repeat evaluation in the assessment of concussion.

• The diagnosis of a concussion is a clinical judgment, made by a medical professional. The SCAT5 should NOT be used by itself to make or exclude the diagnosis of concussion.

An athlete may have a concussion even if their SCAT5 is “normal”.

This is covered here for those who are interested.


I retain my faith.


I’m surprised Rance didn’t get the free…with Stringer using his head to fend off Rance’s jaw.


Surprised the injury wasn’t worse. Could but wood with that jaw


See by his Instagram post he looks to go getting more ink today.


Not sure if he was concussed. Sweatyman and I saw him after the game and he looked fine and said he was fine.


Except the coaching staff and medical staff have said otherwise.


Let’s see what he gets to determine if he’s still suffering from concussion.


I must of missed it. Where did they say that?


In the newspapers.


Here you go, here’s one quote to make you happy.

“I thought he started OK but just didn’t get much of a chance after that,” Worsfold said of Stringer.

"He was OK initially, but he was pretty crook and vague afterwards, so they thought let’s get him out of the game just for precautionary reasons.


Only just seen this for the first time.

If this doesn’t earn you a free pass I don’t know what does.


Smack too busy waiting for the handball recive and failed to put a block on Rance so Stringer can burst away.

But yeah that looked nasty.


It’s not to make me happy, I missed it and wanted to know what they said. But sure, be a c*ck


Rance’s tackle reeked of ineptitude and clumsiness tbh. Rance probably thought his own momentum would push Stringer away, but Stringer is like the trunk of a tree, he has amazing core strength.


Stringer “■■■■ me”

Don’t blame the bloke that wold have rattled him.


I hope he doesn’t have to get used to guys not protecting him. You don’t stand two feet away from the guy and call for the ball FFS. Stupid football by Smack. It’s mini-colts mentality and we’ve seen it for ages. So sick of our players, bar one or two, having no football brain.

■■■■, I had decided not to worry about this game too.


The concern for me out of that clip was the lack of support for Stringer.

He was looking everywhere for a runner going by and not to be.

We really do need to get more numbers around contests.


Myers will hopefully add that big body that blocks for players.