#25 Jake Stringer


Welcome to Essendon, Jake Stringer… Fk me.


A block would have been handy but where were the numbers.

At the Dogs he would have looked up and had 5 teammates to lay off too.


the amount of times players looked for Zerrett (who wasn’t there) in packs was crazy, i think we really do underestimate his intelligence as much as his football ability, supports his team mates offensively and defensively.


Thank ■■■■ we got Smith.


Which is what most successful teams do, from player one to player twenty two.


We added Smith so he’s another need a few more.

Also noticed our players were trailing their Richmond oponents every time always second to the ball,


Best chin in the business, possibly ever in the back line for that matter.

Just ask Bruce. “Raaaance, what a chiiinn. Has there ever been better chiiinn this century. Maybe only SOS (oh SOS!!)”? …as Bruce beats himself off to a climax.


If he had a normal hairline, I doubt the impact would have cut the skin.




Re concussion testing for Stringer.
He may be one of those guys where establishing a baseline is difficult.
Even when non- concussed once you get past
“What’s your name?” the answers may not come easy.


Woosha said he felt crook and weasy for the rest of the game after getting the split cut to his head. He’ll be right


Hows the account name :joy::joy: ‘F *ck u asada’


I’m guessing it’s somebody on here :joy:


Yeah, that’s a free almost all of the time, and a report sometimes.

(Not saying it was malicious, but the AFL usually don’t care about intent.)


So, Jason Johannison has been involved in an altercation at Crown. Maybe they got rid of the wrong player??


■■■■■■■ oath. I’d have been livid if I was Stringer. ■■■■■■■ turnip McKernan.


Nothing in it. Some bozo’s giving a couple of women in the party he was with a hard time, other blokes intervened. JJ not actually involved except to say he was there.


AFL: “We must protect the head at all times”.


*except for Essendon


Grigg kicked their first on the back of that contest. Momentum shifted and we surrendered