#25 Jake Stringer


For supposedly being the greatest player that ever was and ever will be, Rance sure is a clumsy, sniping piece of work.


*Essendon’s heads are expendable


drug cheats


Rance would have failed Tackling 101. Players are taught to place their head in a position to avoid head contact when they tackle. If every tackle was executed like the attempt by Rance, there would be dozens of head clashes in each game.

For example in an under 9s skill info sheet.

From Behind
Approach the player who has the ball, from one side, so he is not pushed in the back.
The head should be placed to one side. The player is grabbed on the arms just above the
elbows and then swung or spun off balance


I mean honestly.


Slightly off topic, but should the back-hander that Zerrett received to the head have been at least a free kick, if not reported?


I’m not so worried he had a sheeit game, head blow aside.

I think it will just refocus him, and make him hungrier to kill it it 4 weeks.


It’s just ‘the actions of a man who has tried his heart out, tonight’.
No biggie.
It’s the GOAT, Rance.


lol. I mean even if he hadn’t elbowed someone to the back of the head while they were lying on the ground, he was holding one of Watts arms with both hands without the ball being anywhere near them up until that point. I am becoming convinced I am watching a completely different game to what the commentators are sometimes.


Today’s commentators are by far and away, farkwits.
It’s long overdue that something is done about it.


Did he get weeks for that, I can’t remember.




I think they gave him AA


The way Rance body spoils by edging the forward under the ball…

Is that legal?


It’s Rance, so yes.


You guys who think there was anything untoward in the Rance/Stringer incident need your head read.


Pretty sure we were just talking about his ■■■■ tackling technique.


Roos is obviously an intelligent person who understands footy better than everyone on here combined. I noticed very early in the slaughterofwang that stringer lined up next to dusty at the centre bounce. An hour later Roos is telling woosha to try putting stringer on dusty. Obviously the commentators only watch part of the game and their repetitive uninformed ramblings are annoying. But they are all sensational relative to basthezemp.


I don’t.
I just like hanging ■■■■ on commentators, media, Rance, & Diggers.


…and what’s wrong having a red head?