#25 Jake Stringer


He won’t nominate us


The bloke removed a number of L Franklin’s teeth with a punch to the gob in a ground ball scrum a number of years ago. Suspension? Tribunal? Free kick? Hahaha.


Here’s an idea: change the rule.


A Free Kick shall be awarded against a Player who …
having taken the football over the Boundary Line, fails to immediately hand the football to the boundary Umpire or drop the football directly to the ground … [or] …
touches the football after the boundary Umpire has signalled that the football is Out of Bounds, except for a Player who has carried the football over the Boundary Line under this Law 15.6.1 or a Player awarded a Free Kick under these Laws

It’s sensible this rule is mostly ignored. What would be more sensible would be to remove the offending bits altogether: they have a time-wasting rule so what’s the point of this?

Rules that umps have to actively ignore to do “the right thing” are dumb.




I’m hearing Stringer shaved his head… Thank ■■■■.


Off to the Woosha thread to praise him on the job he’s doing now…


A wise decision


Yeah, but has re lasered those tattoos?


25 pm


To be fair to Rance…“It was out of character”.

A dog act, not seen since Brown and Vanderberg cheap shots during the line in the sand game.


Good. No fussing about with his hair. Just stick your head over the footy and extract it to dish out to your team mates Jakey!


I dont mind long hair or short hair, but it was like he was having a bob each way.


Strake Jinger


Jape Finger


Great, now that he’s shaved his head it’s time to laser his tatt.


Agreed. Every player on our list should have marine issue buzz cuts and definitely no tattoos. Tattoos are for bad people who have done bad things


Basically Zach Merrett’s style! :joy:


Lake Pedder


I like how Woosha rocks the gold necklace