#25 Jake Stringer


Only Essendon premiership tattoos allowed.


The package has delivered!


Essendon midfielder David Myers says Jake Stringer has done everything the club has required him to do so far throughout the preseason.

Stringer had a poor debut for the Bombers, collecting just six disposals in the club’s 87-point defeat to Richmond in their opening JLT Community Series match last week.

However, Myers hopes that performance doesn’t cloud the body of work the 2015 All-Australian has put in so far.

“We have been rapt with the way he has gone about it thus far in the preseason,” he told SEN Breakfast.

“He has done everything we have asked him to do and he knows he still has a fair bit of work to do, but he is delivering on everything we have asked him to do and what he has committed to doing so far, so you can’t fault Jake.”

Myers also added the team has assessed the heavy loss to the Tigers, and believes the way to move forward is relying on instinct over game plan on occasions.

“We have been able to narrow down what exactly we are trying to do,” he said.

“It is about guys less worrying about that and trying to play on instinct a bit more.

“You do train your structures and how you want to move the ball and how you want to defend to a large degree across the preseason.

“It is also for the guys to remember to play the game and react naturally, because we all bring different things and we are in the system because we can play.

“That has been the focus, to remind guys not to get too stressed out there and play footy.”

The Dons kick off their 2018 home-and-away campaign against Adelaide on Friday March 23.

Listen to David Myers’ chat with Garry Lyon and Tim Watson on SEN Breakfast in the player below!


All I got was a crusty old man bun in a box?


He’s right Myers,Stringer has been good all pre season its now time for Stringer to strut his stuff on the field.


It’s how they play as a team. Overall the players have not played a lot together, in real matches, to know how they work as a team and individuals - either instinctively or diligently following the game plan.

They need to set up as per the game plan and depending on the situation it’s ok to back yourself if the opportunity is there. And they (the other players) need to be flexible to respond to a teammate’s instinctive play and adjust accordingly. The more they play together the better they’ll be at knowing what to do.


yep, it’s an experienced midfield and they will need time.

All the structures in the world wont help if you don’t understand what your teammate is going to do next.


Sure, . It might take a few games, but I reckon by Anzac Day, the package will be delivering big time.


Picture Stringer ripping the ball from a stoppage and kicking a freak goal infront of those feral magpie cheer sqaud.


Two things:

  1. Congratulation to Davis Myers to be be the first footballer to use the words “thus far”.

  2. Starting to get the impression that Stringer was starting from a long way back with regard to fitness and weight. Maybe this was one of the things that the WB were concerned about.


So we are changing focus then,

OUT: Structure, game plans presses, zones, and coachspeak…
IN: See ball, get ball and crunch the living crap out of your opponents in the process…


Jake IS the FATMAN.


Fixed. :wink:


Spoken just like Terry Daniher would


It’s a little concerning that an overweight and unfit part time midfielder has dominated clearance work at training. How will we stop elite midfielders this year?


Nope. Not enough f-bombs. Was always hilarious being at huddles with Terry as VFL coach, especially when the game was being televised and the camera was there.


I expect Stringer will start off as a forward half stoppage specialist for us, without being a true midfielder, until if ever, he builds enough of a tank. Our more mobile mids can defend from the back of these stoppages while he attacks the ball.


This weight thing seems an over exaggeration to me.

At the start of preseason definitely did not look defined and actually ran the weight off, then has been building up and looking far more muscular.

If he too heavy at the moment it’s not because of fat IMO it will be muscle. Finding the balance of being strong enough to play inside mid but keeping his pace/building running capacity will be the key.


What about his fat head lol?


I was a bit bermused by that claim.

players need to play on instinct more.
if one thing that doesn’t spring to mind to assess essendon teams is a very strict and structured side that follow their gameplan to a tea.

FFS we had an irish guy doing party tricks.

What we need is people sticking to their tasks, for a whole game, or better yet, turning up ready to perform their role week in week out.


Agree, Dane Swan did okay looking top heavy.