#25 Jake Stringer


Thought he was really solid today. Bobbed at the right times and did some nice things. If that’s baseline, I can’t help to be excited over his above baseline games.


What a farking bargain he will be


If he can seriously impact one or two stoppages a quarter and kick 2 goals a game I’ll be happy


Also, the owl or whatever takes the focus off the lion so improvements all round I guess.




Knights: “Stringshkam”


I’m yet to see a midfielder, but as a forward… WOWEE!


Needs to - and imo will - get better. But could/should have kicked three and you’d take that happily every week.



For those that weren’t there, he kicked an inverse rotating checkside inside out banana into the wind from the boundary from the outside of the boo from 40m our.

Will win us a final in2018


He may not have gotten much of the ball in the centre, but I still think his physical presence in there was of value.

Just to bump bodies and make them aware or take their attention off the ball for a moment.


He’s obviously still getting used to a new team and is on a learning curve. Having him rotate through the middle and then up forward is a delicious prospect.

He is capable of those Xfactor goals that usually get kicked against us.


But, we have to put up with commentators continually telling us Stringer has gone missing during games. Was continually happening yesterday and was driving me up the wall.


I was actually more impressed with his second goal, as good as the first one was. He got involved in the midfield then ran hard forward to get the ball again.


Pundits calling for the Stringer midfield experiment to end after 1 game. Really .
No way.


He’ll command a very good opposition player. That in itself is a plus.
You’d expect him “at worse” (well doing sweet nothing is worse, but you know what I mean) to bop up for a burst and do some major damage. If he does this most weeks he’ll be a very important player for us. Steady solid first half of the season and peaking come finals - I’ll take that.


At some stage this year Stringer will be on 5 possessions at 3qtr time and Blitz will be calling for him to be dropped. He will then win us the match with 3 spectacular final quarter goals.


Ease up Bruce


Soooooo…if Stringer is struggling in the middle all hes gonna be good for is a couple freak clutch goals forward?

For shame Dodo.


Getta larf outta poeples topys in dere stops.


He is not a preseason star either. He is a big crowd player. I like that he had an ok 15 possie 2.2 goal game, nothing world beating but a solid 60% mid time to learn from.

If he keeps building from that hopefully by mid season he can move to a 22-25 possession game (for context - he has never done before). Then we will start to see his growth and potential over the next few years.