#25 Jake Stringer


22-25 possessions is massively optimistic imo, unless you mean the very occasional game at that level.
I expect a season average of 15 or 16 at best.


Your right, history says that’s what we should expect. But the increased mid time should see his smaller possessions rise and get higher too. An extra 5-7 touches a game from being around the mix, by end of season, should be a realistic goal for him.


Love him. Loved him at the dogs and love him so much more now. He is just warming up. Will impact games from the midfield in time.


I’d rather his midfield time be like 20-40% for the next year or 2, slowly building up to 60% then just doing something similar to dusty where hes isolated in the forward line to win a 1on1. don’t think he’ll ever have the tank to be a full time mid.


Just looking at the highlights from the weekend and Stringer looks noticeably bigger to me(Stronger).

If he retains his explosive power and speed and continues to build on his fitness then I have no doubt we have a top 5 player on our hands soon enough.

He looks good to me.


If he is a big game player he has come to the right place.


Love, love, love, love, love, love.

I’m onboard.


Can and will turn games this season for us.

Imagine a quarter of Jake and Joey going bananas.


That handball in the middle of the ground out wide to McGrath to set up the second goal was instinctive and well executed.

If he even touches the ball just 20 times he will have a huge impact.

His best average is around 14 disposals and that’s mostly playing forward. It shouldn’t be that difficult to get it up around 20 touches and heavily influence games.

He’s going to be a club legend by the time he’s finished.


stringer is the player that kyle reimers should have been


What you mean is “it had sidewinder written all over it”


Had some good moments. Needs to build his tank still and defend as aggressively as he attacks.

Some promising signs.


The Package doesn’t do pre-season games. Round 1 we will see what he’s all about.


Stringers a X factor players, like cyril only need a few touches, can win games off his won boot.

The midfield plans a good one. build him up this year for more midfield time, and rest forward.

He draws the ball up forward. My idea would probably be send Hooker down back when Stringers up forward.

we have only seen bits and pieces, but if he can put a full game together watch out.

Probably liken his game to Dustin Martin more than anyone.

Hopefully he performs better than Josh Caddy, who looks in for a good year, probbaly a good yard stick.


With Fanta injured how lucky to be able to replace him with Stringer


Imagine Blitz if Stringer ever gets a 30 possession game


I’m excited to see Stringer, Orazio and Smith rotate between the forward line AND midfield.

What an absolute nightmare for opposition teams to match up against.


Will kick 6 first game for us.

BLITZ will melt down and break the internet.

Book mark it.


This should be a poll. 19 for mine.


Thought it was a pretty good game from him, when you consider where he has com3 from starting.

2 goals pretty much from nothing, well the second one was from hard running , but it wasnt an easy goal.

Good solid base to work on now imo. Obviously pnce the season starts , less rotations less freasher players and all thay , hopefully his impact will grow on games.

But again was a good start imo.