#25 Jake Stringer


He was the one who wanted to come to EFC and play midfield so it’s part his responsibility aswell.


@SplitRound don’t worry fam i got the goal.


On Hird’s podcast today he thought the Stringer midfield experiment isn’t working, and we should send him forward.


He should rest in the forward more than on the bench. Maybe not start him in the middle but definitely needs to play a large chunk in the midfield. He may not have the tank yet but he has the smarts and quick mind


He gave Chappy about 10 weeks too long in midfield, but he’d give up on Stringer after one poor week?
I haven’t listened, to hear his full reasoning, but I reckon he would back him in longer than that.


He didn’t say much more than that, but yeah it seems a bit premature to me.

Edit: “the Jake Stringer midfield experiment is not working, I think Jake has to go back to just being a forward and trying to work it out”

Edit: went back to the topic later, scroll down.


i think he is doing ok. You can see little glimpses each week of what he will eventually bring to the midfield. Keep him in the guts.

He can’t/shouldn’t be expected to be our main man in the middle. His teammates need to step up big time


Also said

  • doesn’t have the midfield craft to understand where to stand
  • if that’s the role we want him to do, we need to work with him
  • in the meantime, give him a chance down forward to get his game back because he looks lost


sweet jesus

play him mid as much as possible please, i don’t care how long it takes him to work out where to stand.


Thanks. I went too soon, didn’t realise he got back on the topic later.


id personally have stringer forward for 3/4s of a quarter than in the midfield there rest, bench as needed.


Dear Jakey, just keep doing this about 25 times per game.

Regards, Blitz.


Please sort out old mate, thingamibob and douchbag…then we should win by a few goals.


Which is what exactly I’ve been saying.
Would rather him spend the majority of his time a forward with occasional stints in the middle atleast until he gets a bigger tank


I am more worried about Stringer’s forward work than his midfield work - He’s all at sea, seems to have temporarily lost his forward instinct and is like a round peg fitting into a square peg.


Lloyd suggested that maybe the reason on him not spending large amounts of time in the fwd line is because it will disrupt the current structure of Stewart/Hooker/Daniher making it too tall. This is the reason he has been spending more time as a midfielder. Personally I agree with you that he should play 70/30 fwd/mid then gradually increase to more mid when he gets comfortable and builds his tank.


Ahh, Mynt Thursdays. What a classy establishment that place was/is (does it still exist?).

The old weekend combo of POW on the Friday, playing footy on the Saturday arvo, than Boombox on the Saturday night. Takes me back.


Stringer to the backline - in the dean Solomon role


So either Hooker back or JoeDan/Stewart in the ruck or a bit of all three, especally when we are struggling to kick goals.


Stringer is a natural forward who has been mostly out of form for the best part of two seasons. Becoming a contributing consistent midfielder is miles off and I don’t think it will happen.