#25 Jake Stringer


If Stringer likes the big occasion to perform then this week, against his old club, is it.

He has shown glimpses of wanting to charge through and kick the big goal.

The stage is set for him to step up and show us what he can do in the red and black.

A danger is that he tries way toooo hard to DO IT and overcooks his footy. So back yourself Jake, but do it with control.


He desperately needs a GOOD game to get going. And a fkn goal


I hereby reserve the right to call all the softcocks out, when he comes good.


And what a pedestal it is when you build it.

10/10 recommend after getting conor right.

but in seriousness, i don’t actually think stringers doing too bad, seems to be giving it a good crack at sticking to a role, rather than trying to hero everything, the good stuff will come as he acclimatises.


No problem HAP, hope I’m wrong and if so you can call me out first.


Have we tried Stringer as a back yet lol?


He either won’t touch it at all after being totally overwhelmed by the situation, or he’ll cut loose and snag a few big goals and contribute to the win.

I’m not expecting middle-of-the-road 14 possession Stringer this week.


WT actual F ???


Go HAP. Make a list of the naysayers.


Which will Stringer’s tattoo be?

lion2 …… kitten


And the dogs wanted a 1st rounder…


Stringer’s tatt could also be anything from Garfield to Scratchy to Sylvester.
He is unpredictable


Still looks heavy to me.


We will continue to execute the plan we made when we traded for him. More midfield minutes, plenty of forward time. How ■■■■■■■ hard is it for people to get… it’s not even ROUND 3 yet FFS.


I hope he does not turn out to be another Rene Kink, An occasional match winner but nine games out of ten nothing.


Mynt is open every now and then. Heasey and Combo are guns.



The preview (not Sheeds) stated that Stringer was a prolific ball winning midfielder at WB. Who writes this stuff - the trainee intern who only follows esports?




That was a quick reply Darli. I still love Bevo and I’ll love him even more if we beat them next week.