#25 Jake Stringer


Man, people are being over the top about Stringer. He has played TWO games for his new club, playing a new role / position. The first game was very positive, the second he was average, along with 90% of his teammates. He is going to make people look very silly, very soon.


More relevant to Jake, I’ve never been able to actually see the cause of the difference between player A and player B who both have the basic elite skills to play AFL but A is a dud and B is a superstar. We know the difference is application, mental attitude etc etc but that is not usually visible from the outside.
Jake seems to have the application and intensity sorted and we know he has the talent.
The cricket debacle was interesting with the 2 x 2nd innings collapses. Once the players were distracted off the field and lost their intensity onfield, even though they were trying to try, they were just completely non-competitive. I think often this happens to individuals and we are unaware of the personal situation.


What do people think.

Will he rise to the occasion this weekend and give them a big “■■■■ you”?

or will he crumble in to an emotional mess because he’s been rejected by his true love?


Needs to protect the kids


Rising up looks likely


The Package looks to be much closer to scoring than you think…


He needs TBell to tap the ball to him for half a dozen clearances. Boyd probably wont be able to stop him.


Shockingly cringe-worthy to secondary post this to a football forum.




Knows how yo get them lol


I take it thats an old Insta post. (@Jakestringer9) ??



I do wonder if Stinger would be copping the same criticism if he was a Hawks or Sydney player. I hope Stringer gives you the middle finger Robbo with a great performance.


He has played just 2 games at his new club Slobbo you tool!!

Go drink another few slabs, sleep on a park bench and use your rubbish newspaper as a blanket as that’s all it’s good for.


Fark me

Robbo, you either know nothing about football or you are doing it for the cash.


There is about 1000 hours of footy anlaysis TV and radio shows and about 100 newspaper articles each week. A lot of crap gets said because they run out of good and real things to say.


JAKEY-BOY THE PACKAGE STRINGER will have 14 possessions and no goals on Sunday and YOU WILL LIKE IT


That is some kinky ■■■■ right there, yac.


Robbo was always against the trade.

2 games in apparently confirms his stance?

I’m staggered if anybody thought he’d be ripping games apart at this stage.


Strategically timed, maligning article …tick. Cheers Mark.

In the old days Sheeds would have taped it to his locker Game Day morning , but I wonder if it actually still works these days, surely players are too cluey now.

Then again, … Jake did get that Lion tattoo, … :thinking: