#26 Kaine Baldwin - till 2024

Finally some good news.

Was just thinking it’s interesting that they live together and they’re both being talked about as off Scott’s Xmas list.

That’s the biggest gripe I have. Selection integrity goes out the door when you continually overlook strong VFL form, give a player 1-2 games and then drop him, but persist with a so-called higher profile player who stinks it up for 6-7 weeks straight before omitting him. It’s easy to single out Weid, but despite him playing a reasonable game in that final match v Collingwood (2 of our 3 goals and he at least competed), it would’ve been the perfect time to get a look at Voss.

I’m a big fan of Ross the Boss, and what he had to say about Dougal Howard not getting recalled for their final v GWS ahead of Zaine Cordy was very poignant. He mentioned that whilst Howard was a good player, that “possession is 9-10ths of the law” and that Cordy had come in for Howard whilst injured, done well, and retained his place. Now the same should’ve occurred for Baldwin when he came in for Lav. Did well down back for 2 games, especially the Dreamtime game. The minute Lav is fit and available, Baldwin dropped. That needs to change…


Great news for the kid


Haha oh boy

Is it possible we learnt from our Stewart mistake and now we are only signing our average players to one year deals

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Has more upside than plenty who are on longer deals so I’d say No

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Funny how we get Baldwin re-signs followed immediately after with rising membership cost email haha


I agree I like him and he’s great by foot but so far he hasn’t broken into the team and has injury history so I think one year is a good call

Never in doubt.

Terrific day today in Dubbo.

Plays forward for mine in 2024.

Problem with that is that banks don’t regard one-year contracts as sufficient for loans, and will swap clubs for a multi-year contract.


Thanks for the news @Trotters

I’m sure your all over this. Just remember that your mate is who’s important here. Internet credits aren’t as important as friendships. Look forward to flavour snippets in the future that don’t compromise anyone.

And there’s downsides with being a trusted blitz sauce. People will give you attitude when what you’ve heard doesn’t pan out. Take the mud with a grain of salt, many before you have been burnt out by the mob.


I think 1 year is spot on, but i think it should have been applied to a lot more players more often too

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I’m still shocked he didn’t up and leave as Blitz intimated when he wasn’t getting games he clearly deserved.
Sounds like he knew where he sat in the team and knew he had to improve to get a look in.


Yet another who according to blitz must have been at home crying themselves to sleep at how hard done by they have been, regularly stabbing Brad Scott voodoo dolls to feel better and scheming up their exit to another club

Surprise re-signing with that in mind


Would of preferred he got 2 years, but I’m happy with one.

Now just play the guy Brad!


He would be considered as self employed, therefore most banks would take the average over the past 2 years. The CBA would want to see the 2 tax returns (or new contract and last tax return) and possibly lend to him solely on the basis of the new contract. He would need 20% deposit as I doubt the mortgage insurers would take him on. I wouldn’t advise him to take on too much debt just yet.

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Congrats to BBB for another year. Can see him settle into our backline next year and use his marking and field kicking to advantage.

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@Trotters our new itk overlord!! :sunglasses::muscle::ok_hand: