#26 Kaine Baldwin - till 2024

Wow, not the sort of content I ever imagined reading, or ever wanted to read, on Blitz.

Feel free to start a Financial Advice for Blitzers thread. Also feel free to perm-ban me from ever participating in such a thread.

Not to diminish your skill-set because I’m sure you know your stuff. Just that I prefer to peruse Blitz for pleasure (a sadistic form of pleasure it may be) and talk of bank loans and tax returns just aint my jam.

I’ve heard that this simply isn’t true (in the sense that Scott and Baldwin have a very decent relationship) . Footy clubs have too many whispers, especially those that have been poor for too long.


Jesus, just don’t read it if you don’t like it.


Getting along well and coach judging ability and current fit to the team though are seperate matters


I know we have seen Baldwin play well down back, I’d still like to see him up forward again. He’s a good mark, can kick and a solid body. He can also now jump.

With Reid, Hayes and Cox coming on, we can try him forward (surely one will not break in 2024)

He’s a different player than the one that was tried forward early in his career.

Can tackle hard too.


I think Baldwin feels more comfortable at AFL level as a defender.
I wouldn’t try him forward again (at least not next season), ideally lacks the burst speed or height to be a threat up forward. If we need a solid body, just play VOSS up forward.
Settle him in to defence, where we can use his good intercept marking (reminds me of Hooksy in the 26). And Effective kicking setting up from defence.


Well, he’s been trained by Hurls and the coaches to refine himself as a defender all year. And that’s where he’ll continue for the medium term I reckon as he’s been good there. But I wouldn’t be scared to switch him forward every now and then either, in games where we need a point of difference or a bit more competitiveness / composure with a reliable mark and kick like he has.

I reckon Rids, Redman, Lav, BBB, McG and maybe one of Reid or Cox as our core defence for 2024 is pretty OK. Hind/Hepp for one more year filling a spot and with Mass and Hayes as development, that group seems balanced. The one defender I’d be OK to let go this off season is Kelly. We won’t need McKay.

I truly think BBB will become a leader back there and he’ll ease the loss of BZT. Just play him BDB, he won’t disappoint. And btw we should’ve signed him for 2.

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How good is it for Vossy and Baldwin to have Hurley and Cloke working closely with them.


Fully support signing him. He is probably better in 1 on 1s than BZT imo. The potential loss of BZT could open up an opportunity forhim.


If we miss out on McKay, Baldwin plays round 1 and will likely be a big part of our team next year.


Even if we get McKay I would have Baldwin in the team round 1