#26 Kaine Baldwin - till 2024

Would be surprised is no one was running low 6:00s…

For a couple of data points, Kipchoge’s 2 hour marathon comes out to 5:44/2km

Ingebrigtsen has the WR at 4:43 for the 2km

Can he play wing?


Would likely be good except for on GF day…

Has too many average Tattoos, would probably be playing for Collingwood.
Maybe a forward rather than pure winger, loves the glory.


He did mention that this was on grass. A bit of research online suggests that grass can slow you down 15-30 seconds per mile. 1.24 miles per 2 Km so at bottom end would expect to gain about 19 seconds on a flat running track like the tan. At the top end could expect to gain around 37-38 seconds per 2 km, so redman is probably running around a 5:52/53 to a 6:17/18 plenty quick enough.


Per Calum Twomey, Baldwin getting promoted off the rookie list.



Good news.


Glad about this. He is almost at AFL level now, maybe not for a top 4 team but would get games in a bottom 4 side. He should be at least #2 tall defender depth for us, thats assuming Reid has a good preseason and leaving aside Weideman who looks like a hollowed out footballer right now.

He labels himself as for the 3rd tall slot.

Interesting. Third tall for us would be our best intercept marker, and thats Ridley. He needs to try for #2 and he plays close enough to his opponent to just about make it. I dont think Wiedeman wants to play man on man very much

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who ?
considering he mentioned redman, martin, durham and someone else who’s still on the list. so i’m not sure who you’re referring to as the one being delisted.


VOSS ran a 6:36 pre draft for 2km time trial pretty handy for a big bloke and not skinny like Cox.

I wonder if Ridley can do a Fletch and play small, then intercept.

We’ve got McKay, Reid, Cox, Laverde and Baldwin who will all be making a serious case for the best 22 in similar positions. I wouldn’t be surprised if we try to get some to play small and go in a tad taller than normal.


The Cult of VOSS continues next it will be we just delisted the reigning Brownlow medalist

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Blicavs would have been running a sub-6 when first drafted

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You’d think close to 5 based on a 3:$3 1500…

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I can find (unofficial) references to a 5:39 while he was at the Cats.
Suspect he may have gone quicker before adding some weight once drafted. If I take his 3000m speed (6.0241m/s) that gives a 5:32 2km.

I think he’d have been a fair bit quicker than that if he was in 3:43 1500 shape. That 6m/s is a 4:10 1500, so would likely have been cruising. Of course he may never have races a 2000 when in top form.

But yeah agreed he would have lost a fair bit once he put on the extra weight.

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Excited to see where Baldwin ends up. He’s certainly not going to die wondering with his footy career.