27 Aug 17 - Bombers v Freo Game Pics - Gave them the ol' heave ho and moved into 7th place

Where’s Walla warms up before the game

Jobe warms up in his last home game.

Dois shares a laugh

Pidge comes out to warm up

And the Gleek as well

Jobe leads the team up the race

Jobe carries his nieces out through the banner

Cheer the Champs!

Woosha jogs off the ground as the game gets under way

Dois is off to toss the coin

And back into the huddle to get the rev up from Jobe

“Once more unto the breach, dear friends,"

"Once more”

Joey tried, under immense pressure all day, to get hands to ball

Joey and Mundy come to grips in the marking contest

Mundy just gets his fist to the ball

Winding back the clock

But looking to the future

Jobe’s kicking was on target,

But he just couldn’t get the goal.

Big Jim was on fire

Belly kicks the goal and waits for the boys to get around him

Jobe congratulates Belly

And it is back to the centre to start again

Dois takes down Fyfe and exposes his sports bra for all to see

Joey and Mundy contest the ball again

Heater takes a strong chest mark in front of Fyfe

Bags pre captain courageous look

Oirish shows his pace and moves the ball downfield.

So close…

Pops takes Bennell down

Joey again fighting for the mark against the extra man

Harts collides with Taberner

And gets the free kick

Zaka applies the clamp to Mundy. How good has Zaka’s tackling been? No longer just looks like Tarzan, but is starting to play like him as well.

With the black eye already starting to show Ambrose continues to go hard

Mr Football with ball in hand

Pops with the fist

Joey throws himself into the contest

Too big, too strong, too Belly!

Pops shows how it is done

Darce rounds up Mundy

Dois calls the players back

Joey contemplates the point

Big Jim gives the crowd some loving after dribbling the ball in from the pocket

Points out the Bombers fans!

Gets a pat on the head from the Captain

After Jobe’s kick is blocked the ball comes out to Zach who drills it for a goal

Zaka again with the crunching tackle on the bigger man

Heater takes the mark in front

And kicks the goal from 50

And the boys love it

Belly was dominant in the ruck

Myers with a strong overhead mark

The Fridge with a goal

Another goal to Big Jim

Pidge is first to the dance

Joey juggles the chest mark

Heater is strong on the ball

The fans give Jobe a cheer every time he is near the ball

Not hard to guess who her fav player is.

Belly with a strong mark in defence

Pops with the handball to advantage

Walla launches himself into the tackle

Got him, free kick!


Super photos and great captions!

Fyfe’s sports bra :joy:

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Hmm, for some reason it won’t let me add the remainder of the pictures… let me work it out.

Big Jim wheels and delivers the pass

Dois with the check side kick downfield.

Joey delivers a long pass

Zach gets another goal. Four for the little champ

Dois gets fingertips to the ball

Joey gets a late goal and fist bumps Ambrose

Trav gets the ball and tackled straight away

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Game over, but season still on.

Jobe contemplates what is to come next.

Jobe and Pops celebrate the win

Belly joins in

Myers with the high five

So does Dois

And the fans roar approvingly

Dois and Pops enjoy the atmosphere

Woosha is all smiles as the Bombers get the win and keep the season alive

Fyfe congratulates Jobe

The champ is chaired off the field.

General Little with the congratulations

Woosha and old boys

Hmm, nuggety back pocket players stick together

Good times

Jobe with a tear in his eye belts out the song

Jobe and Belly enjoy the song

Essendon get in a cheeky thank you to Freo


Thanks so much for sharing these WP! Smiled my way thru them all! Just brilliant!


Good job again Warlock.

I always love the pics showing the excitement of the supporters.

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Jobe is sooooooooo old-school: using a clenched fist to handball.

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Love fired up Stewart and those Jobe photos are just wonderful. Thanks.