#27 Mason Redman - till end 2028

You do not need to be ‘top 10 players in the comp’.
You need to fall into a % bracket of contract price.
I have no trouble seeing a keen club offering ~$750k - or even a touch more.
That would come close to the upper tiers.

There you go.

I love Redman but frankly if Adelaide are offering band 1 compo level money then I’ll pack his bags for him.


Even if round one compo is pick 12 or 13?

Yep. He’s a 25yo who’s never made an AA squad.

Look at the history of pick 12 and 13:


Put down the pipe boss

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Im not sure what your point is. Try using your words.

It’s also about timing. Most players are at their best from 25-30YO. We get a new pick, and we’ll be waiting 5-7 years until they’re at their best. Mason is also a key member of a fairly large group of players at Essendon that spend time together outside of footy. That kind of connection with team mates can boost on field performance above pure individual talent. And breaking the group up can reduce performance of the group.

I don’t think the calculations are as simple as better or worse talent - and every time we pick up a new recruit, it’s always potential talent. Sometimes you get a Francis, who never manages to reach their potential.


No need to be nasty all the time, mate.

The point was (in reference to how you rated HBF’s) that they can win games as much as a forward can. I pointed out that you yourself acknowledged that.


Im not being nasty, you just quoted me twice about two different players without any context. Yes I know I said defenders can win games. Thank you for reminding me.

Ah, my mistake.
I forgot how ■■■■■■■ difficult it is to massage you into some kind of reasonable discourse.


Im not sure what the discourse is that you are trying to engage me in. Youre just quoting what Ive said.

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Nah, it’s going to end up pick 10 or something, meh crap shoot pick that will take 5 years to pay dividends.

If we were tracking for bottom 4 and parish walks too it would be a very different conversation

You kidder you.

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If Williams from GWS and ■■■■ Carlton is in the coin he’s on (mind you clearly a daily trade which will put some suitors off), you’d suspect some club out there will offer far more than the above stated $ to win him. If he’s open minded to a move for more coin, he might be willing to move anywhere. If the Gold Coast punched him they’d likely become a top 8 team.

Would rather he stayed. Bloody good footballer is the red dog.


Heart and soul mate + loves Scott + we are finally on the right track/can see the light/heaps of talented youth. Besides coin (which he will still get at EFC) why the ■■■■ would you leave now…


Not anyone, 1 club, the club he chooses.

Absolutely, I have always thought that…:ok_hand: