#27 Mason Redman - till end 2028

Probably still mourning his hair

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He’ll find his feet. He always does.

I just expect one poor game per every two good ones with Redman across a season. He’s been like that since 2021. I don’t think it’ll change. But his good games are often very fkn good.

There’s something really off with him. Looks slower, less excitable, less willing and less ambitious.


Oops,wrong thread

He has his fat pay check. He’s always been inconsistent. Best is great, his poor is shithouse


Exactly. We offered a five year contract, on good money after a good 9 month patch.


Been very poor

He’s a huge issue. ■■■■■■■ infuriating at the moment.


Not usually a person who gets into players personal lives, but this guy must have something going on.
Looks completely disinterested.
Hope he hasnt got his sook on because Martin has been nominated as the distributor in the backline.

It’s bizarre. He is a shadow of himself.


Seriously, he was just never that good. I have never understood the hype around Redman. He’s a small upgrade on Heppell, although this year, Heppell has been superior


Didn’t he have some personal issues going on 4-5 years ago? Hopefully not a reoccurance.

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Gone backwards. Thinks he is better than he is. Needs to go back to being hard at the ball type player


Absolutely agree. Wildly overrated.

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Yeah that did cross my mind too

Pretty much this

he has the look he had in 2022 and a typical essington “backing in of the coach” mentality.

he’s 27 in 4 months, been in the system 8 plus years, just got a long term deal on good coin, and he’s playing as a defender and he just stands there on multiple occassions and just watches the play and doesn’t even bother to move, or if he does jogs back.

like it or not, that is the essington mentality that’s been rewarded for so long as this club. he is supposedly one of the fittest at the club, and he’s in game just standing there watching open play, again as a defender.


I said it last year. Redman and Parish both should have been encouraged to leave during free agency. Not the type of players that will win you finals.


Did you not hear Brad all season last year that it’s up to Reedman and Parish if they want to stay and the club had no issues with them exploring a move.

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We didn’t have to re-sign them.

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