#27 Mason Redman - till end 2028

Second half was amazing and back to the Red Dog of old. Loved his goal!


His best game of the season by a country mile


If Redman plays this way every week we’re a top 6 team

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Great to see him back.

Was in the top few today.

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That the first reddog of the year?

26 disposals, 12 marks. Back to his best tonight.


He was ok first half. His 2nd half was Redman back to his best

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Who had Cadman for most of the game.

Thought it must’ve been redman but didn’t see those 2 competing against each other much

I agree. Would he give us more there than in the backline? I think so given the fact that we have some great backline players to come back e.g. Ridley, Bladwin

I doubt it’s going to happen but Ridley needs to come back in and why wouldn’t you have someone with a leg like Reddog playing across HF, it’s a weapon that should be utilised more imo.


Ridley, Bladwin and Reid all play back well. I can see Redman moving to CHF flank.

Really good 15 minute interview with Mason on SEN this morning. You can listen on the SEN podcast.

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Definitely worth a listen.

It was great.

Definitely a window into what is working, makes you feel confident the club is one the right track.

Which one? SEN Breakfast?

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Thanks @sj_2150

Great listen. I do scratch my head as to how this bloke isn’t in our official leadership group! From the outside he seems to have all the right attributes.

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I don’t mind the current leadership group structure. One official captain and one vice-captain. then its up to the rest of the group to put their hand up and drive standards. if you allocated certain players into other leadership roles, then others outside of it may think its not their place to speak up.

He faded a bit in the second half, but he was very good tonight. Hopefully he can keep it going, he’s a crucial player and we look a much better team when he’s playing well.


No coincidence that as his hair grows longer he improves.


Was good