#27 Mason Redman

His distribution is superb! But the thing I like the most about Redman is his willingness to run a few metres to get into a better position before releasing the ball. Those first few steps really help steady him to make an informed kick to advantage. Such a good player to watch live


Yep the kid is an out and out gun.


His ability to kick the football is second to none. Love the way he goes about it…hard nut

Love watching him play! Tough, aggressive, fast and a great kick.

Called it before the season he’d be the one to watch this year and he’s delivering in spades - imagine how good he will be once he’s played 100 or so games.

Kicking was off last night, his tackling was not.

I think it’s a fine line. You go for tough kicks you are going to miss some.

Thing that excites me is his intent. Aggressive, fast, aerobic, good in the air, great kick. All he needs is time to blend those attributes. Looks like a star in the making.

I once bought a Red Man chewing tobacco Tee shirt travelling in the US. Wish I still had it!

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Check the attic.

Down roughly 1.5 standard deviations.

That spud Dodoro with another bust huh.


So calm and composed with ball in hand

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Call this guy “Chubb”, because he is a lock.

Wont Saad get jealous if we call someone else Chubby?


Gees he got hit hard early in that game. Must have been pretty sore. That may have effected his kicking. But he had plenty of mates in the same boat

The thing he clearly has over some of his teammates is composure.

At his best his kicking is top shelf but even when he turns it over or misses a target there’s very little in it.

For a young player with not many games behind him his consistency really sets him apart.

Has almost come from nowhere to be in the top group of players in his draft.


His composure is great. Ridley is another who doesn’t rush himself and is happy to take the body contact while kicking.
Watching Redman in the reserves, I think his improvement came through maturing (getting his body stronger) as he plays a very physical game and ending the forward line experiment as he is a natural defender.



We need to get the ball into this guys hands way more, his kicking is elite


Mason Redman’s energy and enthusiasm is providing a real boost to Essendon’s backline


9 minutes ago

Emerging Essendon defender Mason Redman plays his football as he lives his life — at full throttle.

The 21-year-old is thriving on the experiences of a career-best season after overcoming a series of injuries to make his mark off the Bombers’ halfback line.

That energy and enthusiasm has been a part of his make-up since he was a kid growing up in Millicent, in South Australia, and it is infectious to those around him.


It’s the same at Tullamarine as he brings a daring approach to his football, and the Bombers are starting to reap the rewards for their patience in him.

“I’ve always had that energy,” Redman told the Herald Sun ahead of Saturday’s clash with North Melbourne.

“(As a kid) I loved climbing trees, I loved playing outdoors … and running amok, really.

“I don’t mind being a bit of a larrikin … I brought that to my schooling. (The teachers used to say), ‘he gets all of his work done and then distracts everyone else’.

“The one thing I try to bring is energy to any situation I am in. That has sort of held me in good stead when I was playing local footy (with the Millicent Saints) or at school, or anything I have done.




“It has held me in pretty good stead here (at Essendon), as footy clubs are high-energy places.”

The one thing that has presented a problem — other than the injuries — is that Redman is prone to seasickness.

That’s not normally an issue for AFL footballers.

But when the family business — Redman Fisheries — centres on cray fishing (with China the biggest export market), it presents an employment hurdle down the track, as he joked this week.

Mason Redman has been one of the Bombers’ big improvers this season. Picture: Getty Images

“I’ve always loves fishing, but I always got sea sick,” he said.

“Dad (Joel) has never been sea sick, so he didn’t understand it. He was cracking into me, saying that I was ‘soft’.

“I was always throwing up terribly.

“I actually decided to build up the courage to go three days in a row once, and by the third day, I didn’t actually get crook. Maybe I just have to stick at it.”

Two generations of his family, including his mum, Deb, work in the business, and Mason has been known to hand out the occasional cray delicacy to teachers, or coaches, in the past.

John Worsfold has been the beneficiary on one occasion.

“If it gives me a leg up,” Redman laughed, “I am happy to take it.”

So much of the attention from Essendon’s 2015 draft picks has been on Darcy Parish (pick 5) and Aaron Francis (pick 6) that Redman (pick 30) has often been underrated.

Not anymore.

While his 2019 development has surprised those outside the club, it hasn’t shocked insiders that he has fitted seamlessly into a backline full of dash and dare.

“We enjoy that side of the game,” he said of the gun-and-run Essendon defence.

“I feel as though speed is a major part of our back six.

“We’ve got (Conor) McKenna, (Adam) Saad and Marty (Gleeson) … we’ve all got a bit of toe.

“When we are up and going, and got the ball moving, it is really exciting to be a part of.

“The older guys, and I am talking about ‘Hurls’ (Michael Hurley) and ‘Hooskey’ (Cale Hooker), have provided a real calming head for us.”

Even the great Simon Madden, who made Redman’s No. 27 famous, has been captivated by the defender, saying he has become his favourite player.

Redman is averaging 16 disposals a game and almost 300m gained, and has been trusted to mind an assortment of opponents, including Gary Ablett.

Mason Redman plays with plenty of courage. Picture: AAP Images

“Heading into the Geelong game, I was told I was going to start on Gary Ablett,” he said.

“He really taught me how to play football.

“It was a privilege to play on him. If I get the chance again, I think I will be a lot better for the experience.”

Redman played three games in 2016 before he was ready, given the year-long sports supplements bans to a number of senior players.

“When you get your opportunity, you feel as though you are ready, but in hindsight, I wasn’t,” he said.

“I wasn’t ready physically or mentally.

“I was able to take those leanings, and even though I didn’t play in my second year (2017), I knew what I needed to do.”

He played only two AFL games last year before a season-ending syndesmosis injury, but took a great leap against Brisbane (24 disposals) and West Coast (17).

“The timing of the injury wasn’t good, but I got a taste of what it was like and it kind of erased some of the doubts,” he said.

Mason Redman learnt plenty from his day playing on Gary Ablett. Picture: Michael Klein

“I knew if I could get my body to the level required, I could play some good, consistent footy.”

Another hurdle presented itself last November when he broke his ankle at training.

But he was back running after Christmas, and was in the senior side by Round 4.

“I am feeling good about my body now,” he said.

He’s excited about taking on the Kangaroos — a team he barracked for briefly after switching from West Coast (due to his hero as a kid, Chris Judd).

He’s never even been to an AFL final, so the prospect of potentially playing in one is an exciting proposition.

While Essendon feels like his football home now, he says he will return at the end of his AFL career to the Millicent Saints — where he played the first of a handful of seasons from the age of 15 and where his dad is the current president.

“Hopefully I have got a lot of (AFL) footy left,” he said.

A young Mason Redman with his day Joel. Picture: Tait Schmaal

“But I have always said I want to play one year for Millicent at the end of my career.

“I love (Millicent); it’s where my heart is. They won the flag last year (for the first time since 1984) and I was lucky enough to get back there for the game and the celebrations.”

Mind you, the engaging young Bomber isn’t going anywhere just yet.

He is in discussions with Essendon about a new contract, saying he is desperate to be a part of the Bombers’ next chapter.

While negotiations are only preliminary, he sees a long-term future in red and black.

“I absolutely love being here at Essendon,” Redman said. “There is no doubt I want to stay.”


Love Redders. Clearly a well liked bloke at the club too!


Yeah, but what about that failed pick in between with Morgan?