#27 Mason Redman

It was worth it seeing him spud it up at Norf

A master class in 3D chess by Dodoro

He got dropped from the VFL team we’re playing this week!

EDIT: has an adductor injury.

But…but…but…Dodoro got it wrong!!!

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Liked Chris Judd as a kid.



As a kid he gets away with it. He’s now old enough to realise Judd is a massive flog so all good.

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Admirable that he didn’t follow Judd to Fark Carlton.

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Who was our last non-ruckman in 27?
Giles, Laycock, Allan, Alessio, Madden… are all the 27s I can remember.

Weird to see this little tradition left to die.

Sandy Talbot wore 27 in the early 70’s - would have been before Madden.


Seems to be it.

Also inb4 Noonsy tells us 40-odd years doesn’t constitute a tradition…

Luke Davis

One of Sal’s boys.

Did he get a game?

Zerrett’s first season was in #27.

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Doing well so far after last weeks poor game.
Well done Mase

Mistakes early again, then dedeamed himself again. Great game

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Plenty of mistakes today.

Was great to see he wasn’t phased and just kept working hard.

Is going to be a seriously good player with another 2 years under his belt.


Made some mistakes but at least he was trying to do something different and steady himself before releasing the ball. Didn’t drop his head and delivered plenty of brilliance

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Yeah, thought he struggled with the ball today. Still managed an incredible little pass along the boundary to Brown I think in the last. Was amazing without the ball though. Second and third efforts, some very good tackles. Seems to have a very good tackling technique, a few tackles today he could have easily given away a free for too high or in the back, but managed to tackle legally and effectively

A few errors today (he certainly wasn’t alone in that,) but instead of hanging his head he pulled himself up by his bootstraps. Inspiring stuff.

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I really dig how he ‘swoops’ in and collects loose balls when opposition players are threatening forward. Has great closing speed. And the swagger is frickin awesome. Beaten early, but never dropped his head.


I like him. Sure he made mistakes early. But the guys receiving his kicks need to be more aware, they should actually move to receive the ball.

It should be a rule that no backman are to pass it too a stationary player.

Otherwise he played a good game.