#27 Mason Redman

A bit messy with the ball today, which is most unlike him. I’m sure he will bounce back next week…

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He was poor today but big deal- he’s been brilliant and will bounce back quickly

Not mentally fragile. The leader of the new hard nosed brand of kids. Going places. Keep forever.


I was really proud of this kid yesterday.

Sure, you cannot keep making mistakes like he was week after week and keep your spot.

However everyone has a bad day occasionally.

If, on that bad day, you can keep picking yourself up and going again with confidence… well that potentially places you in a very special class as a footballer. The type that can hold their nerve in the big games.


His last 2 weeks have been stinkers.

More so his decision making with ball in hand than poor skills.

Intensity is always there though which is good

Was his most Goddard like game in terms of his face, his turnovers, but also his consistent effort & determination to help get us over the line for a win.


He is going through a little dirty patch atm. Lots of little mistakes, turnovers, slipping over at the crucial time etc. These things happen.
Cannot doubt or dispute his intensity. He will overcome the errors. Will be a very valuable member of our team from here on in.
Very young player. Only played about 10 games, I think.


He is slick and fast but sometimes, he looks like he almost our runs himself. Maybe needs to slow down just a tad. He is going to be a keeper though.

whatever the ■■■■ we do.
We Cannot lose this kid. He is going to be a superstar

one of his best games tonight


Loved seeing him getting stuck into Sloane in the last qtr


He went hard.
Tex didn’t.



No good kids coming though…

■■■■■■■ LOL.

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Wonder what he said near the end of the game that got Sloane and Tex raging?

I wonder if it had something to do with Snello the first gamer taking him down in the tackle. Lots of good stuff in that situation.

“You ■■■■■ are rubbish”

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Can’t develop young talent. lul

So what you’re saying is… dont sack Dodoro!?!?!

(And whoever our development coaches are)

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Love Mason Redman’s attitude…

He was so good yesterday.

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