#27 Mason Redman

Redman - captain
Method man - vice captain


Not sure but the “Biltz Groupthink” has made better decisions than the club has over the years


I am not worried about our public image, given that many of the public consider EFC a bunch of drug cheats. Public image be damned.


I’ll take Redman or anyone else as Captain over the ever lasting heir presumptive Merrett.

Agree. The sum of all fears on Blitz, when we actually thought Francis would become a champion player was that “he will go home to Adelaide”.

  1. Redmans home is no more Adelaide than Aaron Francis’s home is Adelaide.
  2. We all thought Judas was going “home”! what other clubs did he cycle through?
  3. Aaron Francis went to Sydney.
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Some people do, just like how you think adults shouldn’t wear a guernsey to games.

Imagine not wanting someone captain because they might not sound as refined as others.

Imagine not wanting someone to wear a guernsey because they might not look as refined as others.

Got nothing to do with being refined.