#27 Mason Redman




He and Francis add a whole lot more of the intensity and mongrel we have craved for so long. Get games into both after the bye and make sure they’re both capable of going through the middle in 2019.


His best footy is off HB apparently though? Wouldn’t be against it though.


I’d also be prepared to play him across the middle.


He is, afterall, a 6’2 utility.

But he would slot into HF mid rotation perfectly

Out Lav
In Red


Blumfield but quicker and with a nasty steak. My concern on Redman has been around his ability to draw the ball. His numbers on the weekend though were very very encouraging.


Dropping Lav would be so so short-sighted


Nope. Doesn’t play HF as well as other positions. Would be a waste. Both of him, and for someone else.


I am as big on Lav as anyone here. Think he will be a gun. But I just don’t see the problem with him playing VFL. I think more than anything he just needs continuity of football, get some touch back and build his tank. Quite happy for him to stay in the seniors, but I’d say he’d achieve all of these things playing midfield in the VFL very effectively.
Guys like Langford and Clark have different needs that are best served in the AFL imo though.


I tried to forget about that game


Totally agree. Let him build some form for a month in the VFL and then give him another crack for a month later in the season. If he doesn’t show any more by the end of the season, I’d be letting him go.


Didn’t he start at HF in the VFL, ultimately wasn’t good at it, the middle of last season switched to hb and started dominating?


That may well be true but our half backline is a lot tougher to crack. I’d like him to get some run in the midfield, as it stands It probably easier to slot him into that mid rotating through half forward role right now in Lavs spot who I reckon needs to get more touch in the twos and get his fitness back up to scratch.


Personally I think this is a really bad idea (and I’m someone who’d like to give you 1 rookie pick a year).
The coaches get hammered (rightly) for playing guys out of position and you’re suggesting to put him on a HFF in the AFL, despite the fact he struggled in this role at VFL level. Seems like a good way to ruin the confidence of a guy who has spent 2.5 seasons playing VFL.


Red Masonman


We have the best Redmen in the VFL of any team. Augers well for the future.



I think he’s ready to play. The aggression that he is playing with in the Vfl is spot on for the seniors. No nonsense. Straight forward. Get the job done.


Which one? He’s played 3 games, in the most forgettable on field year ever


Just watched most of this game, and Redman was really good. Last week there was lots of discussion about how poor our list is, while others argued our last has plenty of talent, but the development of players is what is letting us down.
Redman is a perfect example of this issue. He finally plays midfield minutes and takes his game forward. Yet for the last 2 years all I have seen him play is on the HBF.
I hope he is given plenty more time in the middle to help his development. He would add to the bigger bodied midfielders we are looking for.


It’s not poor development.

He started across HFF was moved to HBF and began to find his feet and then pushes into midfield at times now.

If anything his development is tracking very well because he has become a more complete player who can be deployed in multiple roles and is now physically capable of impacting against men also. We are seeing consistency at VFL level.

Remembering he’s only 20yrs old after all, and also has had some injury woes along the way.

Could slot directly into Goddards spot in years to come and be that utility type mid who takes up position across back of square/helping defence.