#27 Mason Redman


is he out of contract this year or next? i mean, i could check, but i’m lazy af


Bullish on Redman. Have been since that one-handed mark in the VFL a couple of years ago.


Footywire says end 2019.


He played as a forward for most of his first year and had OP last year, limiting his running ability.




Rason Medman


I think this is what you’re looking for


Has been set as a HBF and played as a HBF pretty much exclusively for a year.
But yeah, pick him as a forward, will do wonders for his development.


Rad Mansession


Racin’ Madman.

Edit: That’s it, … Calling him “REDLINE” from here on out.


What was the one where he kicked a ton of points?


Weren’t we making a run at North when we were pretty well goalless at half-time. Then Redman missed an easy shot that would have put us inside 10 points with time to go, but it missed and our run petered out.


Why haven’t we tried him in the middle? Good Size, aggressive and seems to find the ball enough.


He kicked 1.2 vs North of Melbourne.








… the realisation that Myers is in first.




It was time a month ago


Did he play good tonight? Should come in for BJ if so!