#27 Mason Redman


If Myers comes in before Redman we are well and truly farked. The season is done lets get something out of it. Finding out if Redman can play AFL is something.


Should come in for Dea. We need his run and disposal off half back.


Dea was close to our best player last night ffs.

Bring him in for Goddard if you must.


Are you kidding, apart from a dive to save a goal he provided no impact.


Why is he not getting a game?


I had a very different view of the game to you then.


Dea is a battler.

Seems like a good bloke, has a crack. I like him and wish him well but unless he’s our 22nd best player in a VERY VERY well oiled machine he’s not going to be good enough. Francis/Redman in for him ASAP.


Reasons for Redman to come in:
hard as nails
Red head
From Adelaide, so probably ingested some of their water
No Myers to protect him


He’s a lockdown player, just cause he doesn’t get 20+ touches and 10 intercept marks doesn’t mean as a defender he doesn’t have an impact


They’ll probably bring Myers in for Zaka this week unfortunately


More likely Mynott, I reckon.


His key match ups would have been/were the medium sized players and bigger mids who went forward, Caddy, Martin, Moore, Graham and Cotchin.

All of them slaughtered us. They kicked 8.4 between them or nearly half their score.

His only impact at all was intercept possessions, which we can get from a number of more capable and future development players. And even then his main impact was in the first half and went missing in the second when the pressure came.

He is the definition of average and the exact type of player we need to move on from.


I saw what you saw, Dea was very good on satday night. People cry out for rewarding good form, but want to drop him because he’s the depthiest depth to ever depth. Atleast only drop him when he has a ■■■■■ game.


Just saw a comment way back in this thread. What’s holding Redman back from becoming our Sicily @theDJR @Paul_Cousins? Would love to have someone like this. Our last premiership back 6 had at least 4 of this type plus Fletch and Wellman.


Redman is no where near as strong in the air or reading the play like Sicily.

Sicily is a very, very good player.


Ok but how about the mongrel annoying part?


He’s certainly got that part covered.

He’s an interesting player and has certainly elevated his game this year.

I liked him on the wing when played there but he looks a pretty adaptable player.

Needs to be getting a run now while his confidence is up.


Has to come in for Dea


I hope he comes good, because I locked this bandwagon down two years ago.


He has got to start somewhere, bring him in. Give us a look at what you’ve got.