#27 Mason Redman


I agree.

He looks a utility type to me so can play a few different roles.


Agree, he is taller than a Dea, faster, better kick and has some mongrel. Can also play Back swing of HF. Gotta pump 5 games in and see if he will make it.


You jumped on his wagon late! I was on within the first minute of drafting him when I setup this thread!


Damn, I never get on bandwagons fast enough. I guess I need to just take a seat on any available wagon and roll with it. Maybe the David Myers wagon - lots of empty seats and fitted out with boosters and child locks to protect the kids.


So what you’re saying is David Myers is the Kia Carnival of football players.


David Myers parents…


Totally different types of players


Hey I was on him before we drafted him, better be a seat left for me


Yep, I’m not sure how the comparison was made.

They are both angry.


You can sit with me. Right up the front.


I asked the question. My comparison was more around getting under the skin of opponents.


So he’s been racking up some great numbers, but how is his one on one defensive work? Haven’t watched him enough in this regard.


I went early on him & said he won’t make it, based on a lacklustre 2017 - I hope he can prove me wrong.

I was thinking though, that maybe that should be my MO from now on.
So I want to put it on the record, that I reckon that if Blake Caracella ever comes to us as head coach, he will be a dismal failure & if that is what eventuates, I can then go all JD06 smug & say ‘I told you so, I was the 1st one to say he would be a dud’ just to make it sound like I am some sort of prophet - & if I’m proven wrong & Blake ends up coaching us to a flag, I can say, I’m glad I was wrong, winners are grinners etc - can’t lose either way, why didn’t I think of this years ago?? Why do I keep backing my coaches & players!!

Rant over


he should get a game against brisbane


Named in extended team


Give him a game. The seasons shot - why not.


Would have to be the least valid reason I have ever seen.


Well someone on the selection panel see’s his worth. So play him. The season’s shot.


Going by the team selection video, he’s definitely playing


Go Red!