#27 Mason Redman


How about in the best last week?

BEST – Long, Hind, Redman, Francis, Green, Colyer


He’s 1cm taller than Dea and I don’t think Dea lacks any mongrel.


I think Dea is a tough player, but he hasn’t shown any mongrel.


They have the same facial expressions an Langford. May be related.


Much better.
I’ve already said I want him in the side, I just thought “why not” was not an overly compelling reason.


Post that in the Mynott thread. I dare ya, I double dare ya.


But I don’t want him in the side yet.


You just want him out so Myers finally gets a good go at it after ten years of injuries. Sentimental ol’ fool, you are.


Lol. Well done DJR. I’ve been called many things on here over the years, but ‘sentimental’ is not one of them.

Oh, and I made some enquiries about Mynott over the weekend (Given I have seen 9/10ths of f all of him) and was very happy with what I was told.


Sentimental = Old

Just sayin :slight_smile:


I think Reboot has missed the rhyming slang of ‘why not’ Mynott.

Reminds me of driving through country NSW years ago & there was a sign for Wybong & someone had graffiti’d ‘why not’ right next to it.


Why not?


Nowhere near ready yet.



I’d rather toughness than mongrel…

Dea is someone you never ever question his desire at the ball or the man. Not many others on the list you can really say that about. Bags is another one.


Redman has that. Don’t worry on that score.


I’m a fan and have been quietly enjoying his progress. Has some real ability and is not only tough but he has a bit of shiite in him and we are in desperate need of that.


This is a good selection - Redman has been dominating in the VFL for the last few weeks and this is when you promote a player.


Best wishes to Mason, has done his time. Hope he plays well and gets a good block of games.


good luck and well deserved.


Good luck Mason!!!