#27 Mason Redman


13 touches, 5 marks and 2 tackles to half time. Looks super composed at AFL level. Impressed.


Tough, quick, nice skills and composed. Done his apprenticeship in the reserves and now looking very settled at senior level. Just keep him now.




It also makes you feel real tough to hang ■■■■ relentlessly on the same blokes again and again and again.


love this guys kicking, low and fast.

Stays in for the rest of the year


Good stuff Mason. Plays footy the right way. Keep him in.


24 touches, 7 marks and 3 tackles. Great stats, loved his composure


Feels good to have found Redman, Guelfs and Ridley already this year.
The right type of player for us.


Great to see him get the opportunity and make the most of it. Not only does he look like Goddard, but he can more than play that utility style role. Made up for him, would have to be a big chance on the Rising Star nomination for this week.


Probably one of the few shining lights today.


We have dropped the ball with his non selection so far. Keep him in now for good


Yep, and you can add Clarke and Mutch to that.


With Redman being Goddard’s doppelgänger and Redman’s number being 3 cubed compared with BJ’s 3 squared, is Redman a better exponent of the game or does he take his game to a higher power.


I didn’t mind how we managed it to be honest. We’ve given him time to put together a really strong month of footy at the level below so that he has come into the seniors full of confidence in his game and in his role down back. The result today spoke for itself.


But … but … our ■■■■ coaches won’t play the kids!




Young Redman was doing very Young BJ things.


Love the urgency he plays with.


dun gud.


Was excellent. Rising star nom?