#27 Mason Redman


Rounds 1 and 2 seem to be the only rounds they give nominations on one performance. There’s probably someone who’s had 3 or 4 noteworthy games so far.


Based on this year alone, I don’t disagree with you.
Reckon we held back his development last year in the VFL playing him out of position too much.


It’s called education. Adding strings to the bow. Kid is a better player now. I’ve been on his bandwagon since day one, and I’m glad they kept him back and developed him properly. He’s going to be part of our side for years to come.


Don’t forget also that he has needed a couple of seasons to properly build up his body. He came to the club as a genuine pencil. Looks every bit the AFL footballer now and ready physically for the demands of the game.


Kinda seemed like a mature player out there


Hmmm, … funny about that … :thinking:



Shame we won, eh Don?


Yea i lost about $200 on us


Never mind - there’s always the next game.

Also - for a 14 year old, you sure do have a lot of money lying around to blow!


Matt Guelfi


I query the whole ‘adding strings to the bow’ thing we do. i think its a waste of time.

fitness/ body wise yeah he needed the time but i just don’t see the point for most players the need to be able to play everywhere. most players end up being role players anyway.


Na na na na na na na na Redman




Yeah I get that. And I think there’s a big problem with people writing players off if they’re not stars after just a year or two (or if they never become stars and are just solid footballers).
I’m just not sold we went about it the best way with him. Maybe his game today is a sign it was the right approach, maybe he would’ve had similar performances if given games last year.


wu tang clan ain’t nuttin to fark with


Must stay in the side for a good stretch now. Shown he can play at the level. Just gotta get games into him now.


i know this is pretty random but i feel alex browne was a similar case to redman. i kinda feel he was one that should have been given more chances and i’m glad redman has taken his chance today. he should be played for the rest of the season along with ridley, guelfi, clarke


I was a huge Alex Browne fan, he looked a good thing early. He had tenacity but injuries, the saga, the fact that sometimes it just doesn’t work out and he perhaps couldn’t quite put it together the ends justify the means. I hope Redman, also tenacious goes on from here.


Browne reminded me of Langford, but with more injuries.