#27 Mason Redman


So let me get this straight… when you were watching Browne you were thinking “he looks like The Langford who is going to play for us in a few years”?


No, I mean when I look back at it at this current point in time, as in at about 8:40pm on the 10th June, I think, jeepers, that Browne moved a lot like Langford does now. I didn’t hop into my time machine 5 years ago and go forwards in time, watch Langford, go back in time, form my opinion, and then wait 5 years to post it right now.



we added playing forward to parish’s string bow last year.
pity they didn’t keep adding to his midfield bow, might have come in handy this year, instead of having him stuck in vfl.
but least he can’t play forward either, that’s really helping his afl career.


Oh wait, you are telling us you have a time machine that you don’t even need to use???


Thing I like most about Redman’s game is how proactive he was…no nerves, just attacked it…I think you need a bit of arrogance to go out there and make an impact at senior AFL level.


Redders (that’s what I heard the crowd yelling) looked quite at home today. I hope he gets a good run at it. Very composed for a second (is that right
?) gamer


Identify your next 100 game player and get games into them. ( Sheedy quote )

and Redman fits the bill.

Keep him in.

Half back/wing ??


Was impressed by his first game, at vfl level I’ve often been concerned he bites off more than he can chew and can turn it over. Today his low and flat kicks were spot on. I actually think younger players seem to execute what the coaches tell them better than the older players in the modern game. Look at the dogs 16, richmond 17 , north and pies this year, the young guys they have come in seem to make the team better.


I’ve always liked that about him, … mainly because he then chews like fk, … and continually improved at doing so.


Agree wholeheartedly. The kids realise to be successful they have to cope playing this congested style of ■■■■ football and have to take risky kicks.

The likes of Hooker grew up and played in games where there was a long kick down the line and and expectation of a contested mark. Thus the reason he got used to clunking.


He should get some advice from McKenna about that.


The young guy’s probably listen better as they are not so set in their ways as the more seasoned players.

I was impressed with Redman too.


pretty much it.
they come in, do most of the grunt work, do their bit, play their role etc etc.

in some cases you can’t blame certain players for being set in their ways, i mean even some of our players have had what 3-4 different coaches trying to teach and preach their way is the way to go.

which is why i don’t understand why the youngsters aren’t used or trusted more. at worst you could only claim clarke is the one who hasn’t come in and straight away made an impact, the rest just come in and look steady from the get go.


Agreed. It’s why J Merrett has always battled IMO, his single biggest flaw.

Redman’s kicking was really quite good IMO. Hoping he’s A grade. Is he really quite good @thedjr ?


Yep, I agree with that, . it’s all between the ears with Jackson, … has the tools, but not the confidence he needs to make the jump like he could, … Made reference to him in that exact light yesterday to my nephew, who plays with absolute abandon and kills it in the Ressies, but goes into his shell worried about making errors when slated into the seniors, it really is a mindset you need to crack.

Back in the day, getting roaring drunk the night before then playing a blistering first half, (throwing up a few times along the way), then losing it a bit in the last half did it for me, … from then on I was good as gold in that company/arena, … but I doubt you’d get away with that now, … :smirk:


Really good debut, great in the contest and very good decision making and skill with his ball use. A lot to like.


Yeah, only took them a complete capitulation of the 2018 season to do so.


Great game

More of him, also Clarke please


Bit of a reminder.
Word was that Redman spent a lot of last year getting over OP, which stuffed his pre season.
Didn’t have the fitness or power to consistently play well enough to demand selection.
So giving him experience in a few different roles was a stage in getting him set for a fitter, more settled, run at it this year.
Well done MiniBJ for perserving.
Should enjoy Perth.


And 10 rounds of VFL to show good consistent form. :wink: