#27 Mason Redman


Excellent game funny how he should have been in weeks ago, but then Ridley was playing and doing a fine job as well…Nice problem to have. When Ridley is recovered would like to see us ‘rest’ Goddard to see how the backline of the future goes.


Jnr Goddard just staked an early claim for Snr Goddard’s spot.

Great debut. Plays with aggressive intent every time I’ve seen him play.


He just loved the father son rule didn’t he?


Reckon @Mr_Sunbury_1 might be a fan of this bloke. With McKenna and Redman down back we now have some genuine mongrel.


Mini Bj… Please. Did anyone actually watch bj in his prime? He had it all


Great game Redman.

I don’t think he has the depth of kicking or even a similar style to BJ.

I see him a bit more like Pops.


Hang on, I’ll google that.


Ridley and Redman showing what they can do at senior level.

Francis charging up for a post-bye emergence.

Smith, Stringer, and Saad settled into the team.

Langford on the cusp of truly finding his senior feet.

A bit of change happening.


Whoa … dwarf ■■■■!


You just cling to you sad little view. The rest of us will get on with enjoying the development.

And I’m terrible sorry the coaches didn’t stick to your time table.


I’m pretty critical of our coaches, I think there’s a lot they do wrong. But this is one I think they got very right

I mean, coming into the season, who realistically thought redman would be best 22 weekly in the first part of the season? Not me. He put together a solid period in the vfl, came in at the half way point and produced a quality game. It’s been handled well imo.


He can play this kid that’s for sure.

Good spotting @Aceman.


I agree. Some pundits with inside info have been salivating behind the scenes with Redman, but for me, relying on DJR and his super VFL feedback, it had been underwhelming up until this year. Franga, Ridley, Donnington’s love child and possibly Mutch added to this list of well handled. You could argue especially THE and possibly Clarke have been a little hard done by, however overall I think it hasn’t been handled too badly and I think we’ve done well developing them and blooding them.


Thought he performed really well in the Powerade shower as well. Good to see the boys stuck to the red product only. Super work by big BJ to really nail him with an entire bottle just as everyone else was finishing up!


You would have hated the Sheedy years, he did that a lot. Clarko does it as well for a lot of players.

There are only a few players on a list who do not have this happen to them, generally they are full forwards and ruckmen and a few backmen, but even then they are used more around the ground. If a player is unable to play different roles it can be a great hindrance to the side, today’s game is about flexibility.


God you’re sensitive.


Development aside, there is also an emerging batch of 2nd round draft selections from the last few years - Redman, Ridley, Begley that all look likely prospects now with some exposed form at top level.

The second round of the draft hasn’t been an overly happy hunting ground traditionally for Dodoro and Keane - and there was some criticism around the selection of perceived ‘in-between’ utility types (aka the hbf’s moving into the midfield trope). However, I think there have been some shrewd selections in recent years.


No I understood it then man on man play style gives a lot of credence to it. Zonal style inhibits it because players need to learn way too much to be adequate at several roles compared to excelling at one or 2.

My issue is when you have then bring forward defender and midfielder all at once.


Something in redman has definitely changed this year. Previously it was didn’t notice him much / needs to find the pill more to in 2018 averaging over 20 possies a game. It’s great to see hope in two years we’ll be saying the same of houlahan


A shining beacon in a sea of ■■■■.

Give him 3 years now.