#27 Mason Redman


The word Mini might be an adjectival give away here.


Sensitive is the last thing I’d call boot. Maybe your a tad sensitive?


Or just a perennial pain in the ■■■■?


That I can agree with.


Must be annoying, was copping repeated elbow strikes after just 15 minutes…


Redders and Riddles aye Den.


That Zac Bailey is now on my ■■■■ list, laid the elbow in 3 times then had a go at the umpire, I wasn’t privately seething


I have never seen that from Zac before. In his time at Norwood he barely raised his voice let alone his elbows. Must have been hanging around that Fark Carlton Robinson bloke for too long


Is sauce Merrett still up there? Well, it’s a shame cause I liked him in his draft year, wanted him at Essendon


So no Tippa, Smacnernan, Bags or M Brown forward. No midfield for Langers, Myers or Stringer, McGrath, Tippa or Fanta. McKenna obviously back home in Ireland, after not cutting it in the first role we tried him in. BJ would’ve had to retire when he faded out of big midfield minutes a few years ago.
Never mind how easy it would be to coach against, we’d only be able to field about 5 players!!

Reality of a list of 44 is you have to have guys who can play multiple positions.


Heppell was a hbf, Zaharakis, Merrett and Ambrose forwards.

And for some reason I was also thinking about how Ryder used to be a key defender, while watching this weeks game


Pretty sure he’s a runner for them, so yes


Definately is a runner for them, ran past us a couple of times…


So Hodge, Merrett and Robinson? More snipers in Brisbane than Singapore it seems


So in 2018 we’ve uncovered 3 players we can be reasonably sure will be long term prospects for us apart from Stringer/Saad/Smith (Redman, Ridley, Guelfi). The year will be a success if we can get 3 more (Francis? Mutch? Clarke?)


Bezerk-Thatcher, lock it in. Even if it doesn’t actually result in games this year.


You’d think it Puts us in the position where we can overlook a good tall and go best mid with our first pick.


Considering 10 need to go its a good result


Ryder was drafted as a ruck/fwd, I’m pretty sure, before Sheedy played him as a back.

Pretty sure Dustin Fletcher was in the same boat


My Favourite passages of play from Redman was his low bullet passes that hit targets on the tit, and sped up our ball movement, as the ball seemed to travel through the air quicker than other players kicks.