#27 Mason Redman


…and quicker than Saad and McKenna can run it out.


Redman has something not many players have. Innate mongrel.


Hard at it, skillful and poised. Awesome. Should stay in the team for the rest of the year.


Maybe quicker than Saad/McKenna , but the uncertainty factor of those 2 on where the ball is going to end up cannot be underestimated, especially Saad , who’s ability to direct the ball accurately (most of the time) is a real team weapon. Causes opposition to panic.


Conor has almost 360 degrees range of kicking direction.


Not sure about the opposition but it causes me to panic.


That’s the talking point. Pears (2007), Zaharakis (2008), Colyer, Carlisle (2009), Zerrett (2013) were pretty good. I think a lot of people use the second rounders from the years where they were really 3rd rounders due to GWS/GCS entering as the main driver of that talking point, plus Steinberg over Parker (i.e. the 2010 to 2012 period) and Redman & Morgan.


So do our forwards, especially when kicking for goal.


And the years we lost our draft picks; Cooney for #37. They’ve done pretty well with a bad hand dealt their way.

Mind you, Steinberg over Parker will always haunt me


TBH, I thought his game was reasonable, but far from outstanding. He deserves a few games, and hopefully, like Guelfi, he’ll settle in and start playing consistently well.


An new 9 players best 22 in one year? That would be fantastic.


It’s interesting that his kicking is so good now. 12mths ago and earlier, in the vfl, he was just an average kick. It always looked ok, but he would miss targets and he didn’t have the low fast delivery he has now. For that alone, all credit to him for the improvement.
Parish could do with the same and he would become twice the player he is now.


Having not seen a lot of VFL that both surprises me and disappoints me about about his kicking. At underage level he was elite by foot and I mentioned at the time that people involved with our state U18 side told me that he was one of the most skilled players they had seen come through the ranks in recent years. The games I saw of him at SANFL he always looked composed and very good by foot. I’m wondering if injuries/confidence has affected him the last few years


That is interesting to hear. I remember in 2016 watching him in the vfl and first impressions were his kicking looked technically pretty good, but he was playing forward, and he consistently missed set shots he should have nailed. And he missed targets a lot. The targets thing could have been decision making, or just confidence. Whatever, I don’t recall ever seeing the quick low passes he is hitting at the moment.
I always look for kicking skills when I look at our young players in the vfl, and last year he was only fair. Maybe the skills were always there and the confidence and decision making has only now kicked in (so to speak).

PS some of this is similar to Laverde. He too always looks a good kick, but the result is often bad (eg his set shots). I am pretty confident he would be a very good penetrating kick if and when he establishes himself.


I saw him last year in defence and thought he was very good with his disposal. One of our best distributors.


I think it was our development program that has done this. Not uncommon in our club.


Add Langford.


Agree completely, he could easily be the best of them


I remember thinking it was one of his strengths - and then it fell away.


Yeah, me too. In his first few stints at AFL level, I remember thinking field kicking and goal kicking were his strengths (among many). Maybe his ankle injury did more than just break his continuity, perhaps he has done some permanent damage?? From memory it was a fairly bad injury; broke the shoe I believe.