#27 Mason Redman


If he had OP as has been mooted on here…


Completely forgot that he had played games in 2016.

Was convinced that the Brisbane game was his debut.

It’s a moot point regardless as he played as if he had 150 games under his belt anyway.


Another good thing about Redman is his ability to play a number of different roles, in all thirds of the ground; should prove useful as our defense looks like becoming quite crowded.




And Long???


How will he go with the week off? Will it halt his momentum?
Hope he backs up against the eagles.
24 possessions, used the ball well last week.




Hopefully he can cement himself in the best 22 so he can take goodards spot if he retires at the end of the year.



We get Gleeson back. Then Redman becomes the 7th defender/mid playing off the bench in the way Goddard does.

Although I’m not sure BJ will want to just move aside for 2019, as we really should be firing as a team. Bring in more recruits. JD back etc.


Next year, depending on injuries and expected development, it’s gonna be real interesting how we’re going to fit all of Hooker, Hurley, Gleeson, Saad, McKenna, Ambrose, Ridley, Francis, Redman and possibly the aged Goddard into 7 spots.

My guess

Redman – Hooker – Gleeson
McKenna (Edit-Saad) – Hurley – McKenna ---- Francis/Ridley (rotating)

Edit - aren’t 2 Mckenna’s better than one


I would love to see him play past this year but i can’t see it happening if we go after McVeigh.




Can’t believe he left McKenna out. First picked for mine.


Not to mention Oirish.


But if those two go in, where do you play Connor!


I think you can have too many of that sort of player.


Would be a nightmare for Bacchus, imagine a backline full of biters.


Nah, just make them wear the Hannibal Lector mask.


Didn’t mean to enact a White Only policy in our backline… But I wouldn’t mind our defense building a wall tbh


Congratulations on your lateral thinking Speedy.
If we move Joe Daniher back, then Hooker surely goes forward?