#27 Mason Redman


That’s been his plan for some time. he hates Hooker being back and keeps stating he should be moved forward.



*from injury

And yes IT, Hooker I want fwd again at some point. Our fwd line has not functioned better if recent times when he was there.

Dees getting similar from moving Tom McDonald fwd and relying on lesser types in defence.


Stood under a mark in the first quarter. Kicking is clean. Takes good risks. Could very quickly become very important to the best 22.


Also has aggro.

Like him.

Brought him into my SC team this week.


Has been excellent so far


Can play


Has the same bravery in his kicking as Langford. Loving these kids.


Got hurt late?


He, Goddard, Mckernan and Langers took the most risks during the night


Corkie I reckon


On crutches going into the team meeting just now.


See at the end of roaming Brian? Huge ice pack on ankle and on crutches


On crutches in the rooms. Looked like ice somewhere down low. Couldn’t see exactly where. Ankle or calf?


Oh crap, thought it looked like a knock to the calf at first. Hopefully just a sprain


Tackled by Lecras and threw his head back grabbing his ankle in the last qtr.


It looked like his ankle got caught and flexed back


fwiw, end of last game belly had the biggest ice pack ever on his calf in the post match footage

really hobbled too.


Go feral wob


Calf I think.


no one say it.