#27 Mason Redman


Out Redman



Gee I love his low hard kicks. They hit the Mark real quick. Tough composed, we have one here.


brave and skillful

same player in afl as vfl, get him back asap.


Has had that at the end of every game I think


Woosha just said in presser, ankle


How bad?


how good was that mark he sat under without a fkg flinch



Players roll ankles all the time

Ice it up. 10day break. Should be sweet.

Been really good for us last two games


Garry Lyon’s really talking him up…wouldn’t be surprised if the Dees were sniffing around. I think he’s signed till end of next year.


You can see the incident on the AFL hightlights video- Q4- ankle gets caught under a WC player


Blown me away how tough he is, and how composed he is with his bullet kicks that hit targets and open up the game.


The Dees can ■■■■ off


Was Shuey who then kicked a goal.


Hope it isn’t a serious injury. He played really well tonight.


He ain’t going nowhere.
He couldn’t wait to extend his contract last time


Agree. This isn’t the soccer thread.


Courageous, great kick , takes the game on.


He is a deadset gun.


Injury is pretty bad I’m hearing. Likely to be out for the rest of the year, very unlucky. You just have to feel for him.


really. fucken hell