#27 Mason Redman


Where did you hear that? Oh I see you joined this forum 25mins ago.


Really bad luck. Appears to be a injury similar to toe turf.


ive heard of it but dont know what it is.


It’s Redman giving us the inside tip.


Why hasn’t he played all year?

As long as we can keep these kids, we have a future.


Has an air of brilliance.
Sign him for 10 and be done with it.

Also can anyone help me with a bet I’ve taken on?
I’m of the opinion that Basil Zempilas is either a legitimate or an illegitimate son of Denis Cometti and have been challenged otherwise.
The internet has no leads toward my theory and I’ve got seven days to find evedince in my favour.




Can anyone else confirm this? Tragic if true. Was hugely important for us last night in the first half.


Have been pushing for him to play all year. Great to see him in the team. Will take a bulldozer to shift him out.


So that’d be a different injury to the heavily iced ankle after the game?


Hope the recovery is fast as Redman has shown a lot so far and is already important to the side with how fast and accurately he moves the ball.

That mark was the feature.


Footy can be a cruel game. The backline seemed completely transformed with him playing so well there. Hopefully, he can get back soon.


I want to see a backline containing Redman, Ridley, Gleeson and Francis. Won’t happen this year, but when it does…


I assume you mean “turf toe”
Toe turf sounds like a fungal disease.
Not sure why he’d ice that.
Not sure how either are similar to an ankle injury.

The internet is wierd


Dees can sniff all they like. Mason won’t go anywhere.


Hard as nails, brave, takes the game on, superb disposal. Loving his game


Channel 7 has a secret cloning lab, They tried to clone Denis Cometti, but a bit of Tapir gene got into the mix.


Isn’t he in the mix to take over Koschy’s job on Sunrise next year?


Just saw the injury on the highlights. Last quarter, 7min to go, contest on the Eagles half forward line, he got tackled and leg buckled underneath him has he was dragged to the ground. Reached straight for the ankle, hopefully not too serious but it looked nasty.


He walked off the ground limping, but not that heavily…not as if he’d broken his ankle or anything too serious.