#27 Mason Redman


now youve gone and done it, havent you?


Great future ahead. The apprenticeship he’s served in the VFL is serving him well. Looks poised, composed and belongs at the level. He, Saad, McKenna and Ridley out of the back half for the next decade. Exciting.


I saw them sharing a late night dinner together once at some forgettable restaurant.


Let’s overuse the swear filter for effect:


Arrived in Melbourne on crutches, injured his ankle apparently.


Personally I think Redman should just stick to his footy.


Bravo sir


Any news on his injury yet?


Someone said in another thread that he’d heard from a coach that he’s out for 3 weeks


Ankle I believe. 3 - 4 weeks




:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:poor kid, was really showing something.


Bigger, was looking real good in the 2 games he played.

Francis or Ridley to come in


How things have changed. We cop an injury and have a couple of like for like players ready to take their place.
Things are looking up when you have the depth we have in the reserves. Puts immense pressure on those in the team to perform.


This bloke can play. Much to like about the redman. Good he was able to show us this.


Rex Hunt would have fun with his name…


Not only that, we (blitz) can’t figure out which one we want more to get in. The one who Redman replaced who was having such an impact at AFL level, or the great red hope! And both dominated at VFL level.


The planets are aligning.
I can feel it in my bones.
It’s time…




As a forward