#27 Mason Redman


You forgot Ambrose.


Very dissapointing for the kid but we can certainly replace him without losing too much.

Edit - I posted before I realised how serious the injury was, poor bugger.


I reckon Ridley should come in.


8 weeks that’s ■■■■



(And @#$^&@!! again, just because the @#$^&@!! forum software wouldn’t let me post @#$^&@!! on its own)


unlucky for the kid, has been impressive.

looking forward to seeing who can earn their spot over the pre-season in preparation for 2019.




Took a chance on him over Ridley in supercoach and been done over.

Unlucky for Redman. But what he showed was great.

This ever rotating HBF spot Gleeson left open has been good for seeing what certain players have got. McNeice got a run and Francis may be next.


MAybe this is why the club rests kids after 2 games?


What is this ■■■■■■■

Sydnesmosis? Never heard of it before this year


A guy fell on his ankle. I don’t think resting would have made the difference.


Come on man, it was a joke!

Every young player this year has been rested after a couple of games.


sucks that hes injured but glad he got a few games in to prove hes well worth the list spot for the coming years. glad we can cover for him with either ambrose or ridley


Wasn’t west coast his second game though?


the new wellman


His two games were first class and deserved of a rising star nom imo.

Disappointing he was overlooked.


Yep, and his age makes him ineligible next year I think.


Yes, I’d forgotten he is only 16 days younger than Francis and is now on the same number of games as him.

Amazing how much more patient we are with Mason, it is actually a lot better to be pick 30 than pick 6.

It seems so reasonable to wait until 2019 for Mason to to fully hit his straps, whereas it seems like forever for Francis (not that I am impatient, it is just a perception).


Hey now, there is nothing worse than being pick 6


I missed the part where Redman wanted to go home and took an extended break from th club.


Your point is?